Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden


8/23/1934, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Birth Name

Barbara Jean Moorhead


  • Rena Sofer, Dean McDermott and Barbara E...
  • Barbara Eden as Mary on Always and Forever.
  • Barbara Eden as Mary on Always and Forever.
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Barbara Eden, most known for her role in the popular 60's show "I Dream of Jeannie," was born on August 23rd, 1934 in Tuscon, Arizona. When Barbara was 3, her family moved to San Francisco. Around the same time her mother Alice divorced her father, later re-marrying to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Barbara, when cast as the dumb blonde in TV's How to Marry a Millionaire, modeled her performance after her pet poodle whose emotions, she says, were also "all on the surface."

    • Barbara was told that she was pregnant the day I Dream of Jeannie was picked up by NBC.

    • Barbara was pregnant during the first season of I Dream of Jeannie. They hid it with veils through most of the season, along with frequent "above the belly" shots.

    • Barbara made a surprising appearance as Jeannie at the very end of "A Very Brady Sequel," which filmed in 1996.

    • Barbara received a Doctor of Law degree in the spring of 1990 from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law.

    • Barbara was pregnant with a second child from Michael Ansara, her first husband, but the child died in her womb after 7 1/2 months.

    • Barbara's role on How to Marry a Millionaire was the same role that Marilyn Monroe played in the film version of the show.

    • Barbara is also a talented singer, and has been a musical guest star in over 50 variety TV shows, including 21 Bob Hope specials.

    • Barbara has a collection of elephant figurines, which she started around the time she was starring in I Dream of Jeannie. The elephants are mostly crystal and ceramic.

    • Barbara had a vision problem as a child and had to wear an eye patch for a time.

    • Barbara Eden wrote an autobiography, Barbara Eden: My Story, which was published in October 1989.

    • Barbara has been nominated for two Golden Globes, both for her role in I Dream of Jeannie: "Best Actress in a Television Series" in 1966 and "Best Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy" in 1969.

    • Barbara released an album entitled Miss Barbara Eden in 1967, under the record label Dot Records.

    • Barbara's last name changed from Moorhead to Huffman when her mother re-married, then from Huffman to Eden after Barbara signed with her first agent.

    • Barbara is involved with the PRISM awards, which advocate the accurate depiction of drugs and substance abuse in the entertainment industry.

    • Barbara's only child, Matthew Ansara, died on June 25th, 2001 of a heroin overdose.

    • Barbara was forced to conceal her navel while playing the part of Jeannie on I Dream of Jeannie because NBC executives thought it indecent to expose it on television.

    • Barbara has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 7003 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Quotes

    • Barbara: I didn't know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I'm in very good company with her.

    • Barbara: Out of all the actors I have worked with, I love working with Larry Hagman the most. We were very close and it was just a wonderful time.

    • Barbara: I've never stopped working. If you're active, you can appreciate what you did in the past, you don't feel like it's gone.

    • Barbara: I played the Marilyn Monroe role of 'Loco' in "How to Marry a Millionaire," though I didn't consider myself as that kind of actress. I approached the role more as a character.

  • Still looking good after all of these years!

    Everybody's favorite genie past, present, and future of all time

    And will continue to be

    Even after she is long gone

    Loved her in that role as that role was especially made for her

    She still looks good for someone that is now getting to be in her seventies

    Feel bad that her son is now gone

    But she has overcome even more to become the legend that she is

    God bless Barbara Eden!
  • A rude has-been. Should get over herself.

    Barbara Eden is rude, washed up and never could act. She is playing small agricultural towns in Central California with Hal Linden who is also rude and a has-been. Nobody even remembers who she is. Wouldn't go see her again if she paid me. This review is supposed to be 100 words long but I can't think of 100 words to say about Barbara Eden because she isn't worth wasting my time thinking of something nice to say about her. If you are ever in the same restaurant, don't try to ask for her autograph because her bodyguards will eject you. Barbara Eden can kiss my rear end.moreless