Barbara Flynn





8/5/1948 , Hastings, East Sussex, England

Birth Name




Bit by bit, over many years, Barbara Flynn made herself indispensable to British television. She began in small roles from the early 1970s, made her mark by the end of the decade, moved up to large roles in the first half of the 80s, and from the mid-80s on has been one of the quiet marvels of the medium. Her (very different) starring roles in Alan Plater's "Beiderbecke" trilogy (as a sensible schoolmistress who is not to be cowed by the authorities - or anyone else) and "A Very Peculiar Practice" (as the beautiful, ruthlessly manipulative, bisexual Dr. Rose Marie, who has no surname because "I'm not into patronymics") made her famous, and she has turned up since in so much TV - from "The Barchester Chronicles" to the revived "Maigret" - that one more or less expects to see her every week. She gives British television a lot of class.