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Barbara Kerr Condon
Actress-Producer (SAG-AFTRA)
Barbara first began demonstrating her "eye" for selecting choice literary projects at age 10 where she was a beloved recurring panelist on highly rated CBS's Kid Critics.
Trying her hand in each of the performing arts, she found her way on to the board of Women In Film and collaborated on several PSA campaigns for battered women's awareness.
In 1984, Barbara moved with her husband, Paul, to Worms, Germany, while he was in active service with the Army. Barbara was "discovered" on base one day as someone with "producer" quality and quickly ascended a level of positions to become the Director of The Performing Arts Theatre for the U.S. Army's facility there. This was the location for all USO stopovers and military entertainment in the area. Bearing in mind that the U.S. Military is the largest theatre system in the world, tripling London or Broadway, Barbara became quite confident in her skills as a producer. This experience contributed to her relocation to Los Angeles.
Turning her attention from stage to screen, Barbara found herself both acting and producing in Los Angeles. Co-starring television roles on NBC's ER, CBS's 7th Heaven, Lifetime's Unsolved Mysteries, NBC's The Others, and repeat appearances on The Tonight Show, have quickly given Barbara notice. Her film roles range from appearances in Universal's Red Dragon and The Coen brothers' Intolerable Cruelty, to supporting rolls in films like Cineville's Topanga.
Her most recent film project, Doria, which she executive produced and in which she starred, was a winner of the Flickering Image Festival in 2004.