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  • Trivia

    • Appeared on "Music on Ice" May 22, 1960. Barbara McNair, The Hines Brothers, Arthur Newman, S. Robins join Johnny Desmond and Jacqueline de Beif.

    • Barbara McNair appeared in the TV special "Operation: Entertainment" on January 26, 1968 also starring Dean Jones, Allen & Rossi, the Everly Brothers, Minnie Pearl, Gladys Knight and the Pips, from the deck of the USS Constellation in San Diego Harbor.

    • Barbara McNair guested on the daytime television program Swingin' Country on November 14, 1966. She sung "If I Had a Hammer".

    • Barbara McNair guested on "Celanese Center Stage" musical television program on March 12, 1967 with Duke Ellington and Carlton Johnson.

    • Barbara appeared on the television musical program "Footlight 5" with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra on June 15, 1970.

    • Barbara co-starred with Hal Linden in the 1973 revival of "The Pajama Game".

    • Barbara McNair performed "The Shadow of Your Smile" from the film "The Sandpiper" on the 38th Annual Academy Awards.

    • Barbara once walked out of a hotel in Miami that offered her a room but forbade her to swim in the hotel pool.

    • Barbara is an avid skier and tennis player.

    • Barbara appeared in Elvis Presley's last film "Change of Habit" in 1969.

    • Barbara's first husband Rick Manzi was murdered and was thought to be a Mafia associate on December 15, 1976.

    • Barbara toured with Nat King Cole frequently in the early 60's.

    • Barbara's biggest musical influences were Sarah Vaughan, June Christy and Peggy Lee.

    • Barbara appeared in the movie "If He Hollers, Let Him Go!" with Raymond St. Jacques, in the much celebrated nude scene.

    • Barbara appeared on Broadway in the musicals "The Body Beautiful" and "No Strings".

    • Barbara got her break on Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scouts" television series.

    • Barbara has recorded with Coral Records, Signature and Motown Records.

    • Some sources list her birthdate as January 1, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois.

    • Most recently Barbara has appeared in Berlin in "Sophisticated Ladies", a Celebration of the Music of Duke Ellington.

    • Barbara wrote a book entitled, "The Complete Book of Beauty for the Black Woman" coauthored with Stephen Lewis.

    • Appeared in New York at The Purple Onion which proved to be a turning point for the then part-time secretarial job and led to many more nightclub gigs.

    • Barbara studied music at UCLA and one of her classmates was Carol Burnett.

    • She sung "Until It's Time For You to Go" in the episode of McMillan and Wife, An Elementary Case of Murder.

  • Quotes

    • Barbara: Lenny Bruce used to say about me that I was a Caucasian, that someone took a paintbrush and painted me brown. White people are not aware that Negroes look all kinds of different ways.

    • Barbara: When I was making a lot of movies, they didn't want the women to look too black. But black people objected to that policy, so then the industry did a reversal -- went all the way in the other direction. For the industry to limit itself to one look or another is unrealistic.