Barbara Pepper





New York ,New York, USA

Birth Name

Marion Pepper




Barbara Pepper was born May 31, 1915, in New York City, New York. From a young age, Barbara knew she wanted to be an actress, even though her parents did not support such a career choice. She debuted as a showgirl in Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.'s, Follies Bar, and this launched her career. It was also at this point that she adopted the stage name Barbara Pepper, instead of using her birth name Marion Pepper. Her film debut came in 1933 when she played a slave girl in the film Roman Scandals, alongside Lucille Ball. From there, Pepper played many secondary roles that consisted of store clerks, saloon girls and floosies. She did have a few starring roles in the films Our Daily Bread and Mummy's Boys. However, the role she is most remembered for is that of Doris Ziffel, the cranky, pig-loving neighbor of Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor, on the 1965 TV show Green Acres. Pepper played this role after her husband of six years died tragically, which caused her to appear drastically different from her earlier appearance due to severe depression and obesity. Barbara Pepper died at the age of 54 on July 18, 1969, in Panorama City, California.