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  • Help me start my Charity!

    I am starting a charity to get mentally challenged people rides in hot rods and need exposure to get the word out and get volunteers in all 50 states. Then the world!! I have two of my Doctors who will help me raise money. Look at my blog, It was set up so people in rest homes can still see the hot rod and cycle shows. Thank you Ms. Walters. Randy"Hoss"Caldwell
  • Santa Clause

    I agree with Barbara that Santa has always been white, and so have I .I don't think that this issue belongs on a national shown show. What is the problem with Santa being white? Sherry is the racist on this show.
  • Betrayed

    Morning Ms. Walters, I have a story that needs to be told,I and another member of my church, it has to with a pastor asking members to take loans out on there homes, cash out there 401k plan, to borrow money or bring people in with money to help launch a miracle, it's a lot to it and I left the church behind the lies and deceit behind the church for a year and a half I was in Hell on Earth.
  • Alittle overated.

    Good person. Gets on my nerves alittle.
  • Feel left out

    Good morning Ms. Walters.

    I am an African American male living in a Latin country. I was appalled when you named your list of 10 most intriguing people(?) There was only 1 African American and no Latinos, how embarrassing.

    In this day and age, maybe you did not listern to the Latinos on voting day. They are becoming Americas most powerful forces, and one day they will be able to introduce their 10 most intriguing, and they will include all people, regardless of color. I am not saying that you are prejudice against minorities, I am just asking you to include them. All of America doe's not see white people as intriguing.

    Thank you,


    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
  • Todays show Oct. 16,2012 re: bible study

    I would like to include myself in a bible study, it is so complicated. Born, Baptized, raised Catholic, schools, every Sunday Sermon., I am still just doesn't all make sense to me. Just had to add, I watched a religious biogrophy on the history channel 10/13/12 on the history channel in the Seattle area. Must See!!!!! Seems not all writings were included in the bible, and some were found later. Adam and Eve were not the first people on earth, but Adam and Lillith, both born from dust and equal. Eventually Adam wanted Lillith to be submissive and she rejected that notion, and basically went on her own way (which God then said as a punishment "100 of your children will die,,each day??) Not sure if I heard that one right, but it was 100 anyway. God then created Eve from Adams Rib, and she was submissive. Beyond that it has amazing, maybe gay relationships even at that time with their leaders., people we look up to in the bible. So I guess it didn't just start yesterday. Barbra Walters I know you can access that show, if you haven't already seen it. It was very interesting and the history channel is as accurate as it can get to my knowledge. Who knows in the end what really has occured before us, and what is accepted by God, then and now. I imagine the same. Sammio

    What would God do?
  • The View aired 09-12-12

    Hi Barbara Walters! I was watching the View yesterday and just wanted to correct you that Mohammed was a prophet not the God of Islam. So much misinformation out there. I wish I could tell the Middle East that most Americans have never heard or seen of the low budget 12 min. film causing such unrest!

  • Does Barbara really think the world revolves around her? Do know how many people have had heart problems from bypasses to replacing valves, seriously give us a break, it's not all about Barbara

    Barbara is too goody two shoes and thinks the world does revolve around her and what she thinks. No thanks Barbara! The show was good with Rosie, and it's good with Whoopie and is probably why people did and still do watch the show. Joy is bossy and Elizabeth is her exact opposite. The two of them can't seem to come to any compromise. It gets very aggravating. Whoopi is the only one who makes any sense and she doesn't get to get 2 words in half the time, especially if Barbara is on. Everybody stop talking because Barbara has something to say, OMG! Sherry just seems to go one way or the other, she's pretty cool. Let someone else talk Barbara, no one cares how many people you know or have talked to you're no special than anyone else.
  • Not bad.

    I have respect for Barbara Walters. I can't understand why so many people dislike her so much. She seems like she is an okay person. I am surprised she has lasted this long in the business. I don't know if it is because she is a tough old bird or if it is just because she is different. I think she has done more than her fair share of interviews and it really is mind blowing to think how many times she keeps on interviewing more. Overall, she is an okay person who has managed to stay active enough to be a pain at times. Thank you.
  • Barbara Walters was once a respected even revered journalist;but has become a foolish biased old woman with nothing relevent to say..gee where was the gushing, panting slobbering 'oh you are sooo sexy' when john McCain was on?Shame on you Barbara!!

    Can't stand to watch a bunch of women who are so full of themselves gush and blather on endlessly about nothing...those that can't are on the view~those that can are out there doing it and keeping their big mouths shut and their opinions to themselves...BTW I have considered myself a liberal until I watched this tripe!!!Elizabeth probably has the smallest brain of the bunch but continually come off looking like an Einstein next to the rest...I feel it is time for celebrities to keep their mouths and opinions to themselves when it comes to choosing the leaders of this country..because we ALL know Oprah's soo good at judging character don't we? Nuf said...
  • I have lost all respect for Barbara. She has become a rude, inconsiderate, cold interviewer who is unkind to her guests. She doesn't understand that everyone is NOT liberal like her. "The View" would be better if Joy was gone and Barbara was nicer.

    Barbara Walters has become an unkind, often cruel interviewer who can be so disrespectful to her guests that it makes me sick. Joy is too liberal and needs to be removed from "The View". The show just continues to go downhill. They don't understand not everyone is Liberal. The majority of them are so unkind to anyone conservative or Republican who happens to be on their show. They would not want to be treated that way, so why would they be so unkind. They have gotten to rude and always interrupting guests when they are tryingto talk (especially if they don't agree with their guests views). Down with The View and Barbara Walters!!!!
  • Has Barbara lowered herself from a world class Journalist to a T.V. National Inquirer?

    Growing up, I always knew that if Barbara Walters was interviewing someone, it had to be someone very important and with something important to say. I always thought that she knew exactly what to ask and how to ask it no matter how risky or bold. When I saw the 1 hour visit from Barack Obama on the View, my thoughts of her were shattered. The other ladies on the view are more like tabloid and T.V. personalities but Barbara has interviewed Kings, Princesses, Royalty, Presidents, and the most important people in the world. She is in a class of her own. So why did she not ask the important questions to Obama? Was she afraid for the first time? Why was his opinions and beliefs on religion and race more important than his actual detailed plans for our struggling economy, the removal of our troops from Iraq, the impeachment of Bush/Cheney, NAFTA guidelines, our health system, and so many other important issues? I felt as though the Barbara Walters I thought so highly of and respected was gone and in her body was a National Inquirer T.V. personality. I am a struggling American single mother of 3 and I could care less about personal opinions and religious beliefs. I want to hear strong solid plans based on undenyable facts. Barbara, it's time to interview Senator Clinton and ask about the detailed plans to get the economy back on track. She at least deserves as much time as Obama. That's only fair, right? If he wins the nomination, it will not be based on the issues, it will be based on the fact that the media and tv talk shows have given him all the free air time that Clinton can't afford to buy. It will have been all about race. And Obama says that's not what his campaign is about. That is rediculous. The media and you Barbara have made it so.
  • I would love to hear more of Sherri's views on her failed marriage. Often she comes off as weak & self-deprecating. Based soley on snipets I've heard from her, on The View, I would NOT want my daughter to be in ear shot distance of her speaking on it.

    I would love to hear more of Sherri's views on her failed marriage. Often she comes off as terribly weak & self-deprecating. Based soley on snipets I've heard from her about relationships, on The View, I would NOT want my teenage daughter to be in ear shot distance of her speaking on it. Speaking on the Spitzer ordeal, she said something along the lines of "So men are just going to cheat? Well maybe I should've stayed married." Today she said she'd prefer her husband be intimate with a hooker than having an affair. However, in the same breath confirmed her awareness of the health risk. She just seems to have very little respect and love for herself.
  • A tv icon and an interviewer for the fan.

    This woman is a tv icon that everyone can relate to and use as a guideline for what to do to be successful in the media. I was aware that Barbara had a background, but not one with her credentials. Now if you are a fan of the person she interviews, you will enjoy what she has to offer. She lifts up and praises the person she speaks to (biased conversation). I don't recall her giving tough questions that would cause the person to be angered or lock up. A skeptic/critic might gain insight from one of her interviews, but probably would want to just see highlights and write the rest off.
  • Check out Lisa Lampanelli for replacing Rosie.

    I really don't have a review. I just wanted to
    say that I think Barbara Walters should consider Lisa Lampanelli for replacing Rosie. The ratings for
    The View would go thru the roof. After Lisa, Rosie would seem tame, but Lisa is
    great. She can make you laugh at anyone or anything. At least let her guest host, but be sure to advertise it - no one would want to miss a show with
    Lisa. I'm having a hard time making this 100 words. I love Rosie & miss her. I hope you'll give
    Lisa a chance. Thank you for your time.
  • The show needs another person besides Rosie O'Donnel. She is hurting the show and your good name,too.

    Barbara,I have watched the View from day one and have loved it! UNTIL-You chose to hire Rosie O'Donnel, WHY? would you and others @ abc feel she could contribute to this great show? Today did you see how upset everyone,even the guests were, after the scene that happened between Rosie and Elizabeth? Rosie thinks her opinion is Right and no one else's matters. She has hurt your show and I have decided to leave myself, I am not going to watch anymore. Sorry, but she makes a mess of this show and you,too... smvicznesky
  • Update (Posted Jan 18. 2007): Barbara Walters, you disgust me. From 2.9 to 1. (Stupid thing won't let me go down to 0. Argh!)

    Barbara Walters, when are you going to take charge and take Rosie off your show, if not for me but for my mom and the rest of the viewers who have to suffer for an hour each day?
    Because every day you're not fighting to take control of your show, Rosie continues to take over. It's surprising how the first female co-anchor who has broken the barriers for women in journalism seems to not have a backbone when it comes to a b*tch named Rosie O'Donnell. So my advice is: get a backbone and get rid of Rosie so that you can take back your rightful place as host. Act quickly, because I have a feeling that that show is going to end sooner than you think if you don't do something about it.
    -Posted on Oct 23, 2006

    Update (Posted Jan 18. 2007): I have to admit that Barbara Walters doesn't know how to run a TV show. She just lets Rosie and all her other women do whatever they want. My mom wrote to the View some time last year to get Rosie off the show and Barbara still has her there. The View has got to be the stupidest, most self-degrading show that has ever been broadcasted to women, for women. I'm getting tired of hearing about the Rosie/Trump feud. It's more annoying than when entertainment news started with the "Anna-Nicole-losing-her-son-to-anti-depressants" story. Thank god that story turned stale. I wish that Rosie and Trump would go and kill each other so that people who are tired of this story wouldn't have to hear about it anymore. (Besides, Barbara Walters isn't making the situation better. She's only making it worse.)
  • Barbara,I have always had great respect for you and the choices of people you involve yourself with in business. However, your decision and those consulting you have made the mistake of your career! Specifically speaking, Rosie O\\\'Donnel.

    Barbara, shame on Rosie for her comments about Fundemental Christans, being just as bad as the Islamic terrorists. Truly, Barbara is this your show or Rosie O\\\\\\\'Donnel\\\\\\\'s show?
    Rosie makes you and the rest of your cast look ridiculous. I have watched your show since the beginning and have enjoyed the View. Rosie O\\\\\\\'Donnel will sink your show. I will not return to the view as long as Rosie is on the show. Apologies, are not enough to bring me back to the View. Get rid of Rosie and I will return to the View. Thank you. Gwen LaShonse