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  • Todays show Oct. 16,2012 re: bible study

    I would like to include myself in a bible study, it is so complicated. Born, Baptized, raised Catholic, schools, every Sunday Sermon., I am still just doesn't all make sense to me. Just had to add, I watched a religious biogrophy on the history channel 10/13/12 on the history channel in the Seattle area. Must See!!!!! Seems not all writings were included in the bible, and some were found later. Adam and Eve were not the first people on earth, but Adam and Lillith, both born from dust and equal. Eventually Adam wanted Lillith to be submissive and she rejected that notion, and basically went on her own way (which God then said as a punishment "100 of your children will die,,each day??) Not sure if I heard that one right, but it was 100 anyway. God then created Eve from Adams Rib, and she was submissive. Beyond that it has amazing, maybe gay relationships even at that time with their leaders., people we look up to in the bible. So I guess it didn't just start yesterday. Barbra Walters I know you can access that show, if you haven't already seen it. It was very interesting and the history channel is as accurate as it can get to my knowledge. Who knows in the end what really has occured before us, and what is accepted by God, then and now. I imagine the same. Sammio

    What would God do?