Barbie Blank

Barbie Blank


12/1/1986, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Barbra Jean Blank



Also Known As

Barbie Blank, Kelly Kelly, Kelly
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Barbie is an model/WWE diva. She started out being a bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic & Venus Swimwear. She was offered a wrestling contract soon after that & was sent to OVW. Soon after that she was moved to the WWE's ECW Brand. She debuted on ECW on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • So beautiful

    Kelly is so hot and its unreal she is probally my favorite Diva in the WWE. She may be just to some people a sex toy or a barbie doll, but I think she can wrestle, it's just WWE isn't letting her express her moves just yet, and I think she can exceed in the WWE she has the moves I believe and she definently has the looks. I think if she gets out of the ECW brand and goes to say a Raw or Smackdown type show she could become a huge payoff for the WWE managment and Vince.moreless
  • holy crap this chick went to my highschool like 2 years ago. i was a freshman and she was a senior and one of the most popular girls. her sisters still go here though....thats pretty sweet.moreless

    what can i say? good looking and successful.

    This is the first time ive ever seen Barbara Blank on any website and now that ive seen it, its odd. I didnt know her but i kno one of her sisters and to think that her older sister is this successful is jaw dropping. You live your life

    thinking you wont be famous and you wont know anyone famous or see anyone famous but then things change dont they? Well Barbara, if you read this, remember your roots, and congrats wit the success. Btw, i think i saw you at the wolfson game lol.moreless