Barney Harwood

Barney Harwood


11/7/1979, Blackpool,Lancashire, England, UK

Birth Name

Barnaby J. Harwood


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  • Barney is the best on Smile

    Barney should be the only presenter on smile - [Rochelle should go back to doing what she does best] I do try and watch the show every sunday morning - It's a huge pity that he's not on the telly everyday - all day - and naked! SWOON!!!! It would be very interesting to see if he can act as well as he can present. I think he'd be cool in an action show, or even a good comedy sitcom. Although he needs a shave, he still looks gorgeous with a capital GORGEOUS!!!! Well, that's it for this review bye.moreless
  • Barney is so fit. I love him. He is such a cool guy. I wish I could meet him. When I moved over here from America he is the frist one I wanted to meet and still the first. He is funny and must be cool to hang with.moreless

    I saw Barney live in Basingstoke doing the Dick Whittington pantomime and he was the BEST! He is my favorite and it was a great way to spend New Year's Eve. I really got into it. It was so good that I wanted to see it again and again. Hopefully they will do it another year and I will be there. I wanted to meet the characters afterward but I didn't. My rate for this show has to be a 12 out of 10. It was that good. In Dick Whittington he plays Idle Jack. A boy who has a crush on Alice Fitwarren who is played by Tania Whatley. But she and Dick (played by Danielle Murphy) see eachother and fall in love. Meanwhile Jack has no one to love besides his ugly mother Sarah the Cook played by Stephen David. It is a really good play and I hope other people will go and see it because you will laugh so hard you will start crying. (From personal experience) I also like Barney on Smile. Yes I may be 15 but I still watch that. It is great for kids and even teenagers and adults. Maybe he might star in movies or presenting more shows. Hope to see him a lot!moreless