Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds


7/24/1964, Riverside, CA

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Barry Lamar Bonds



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Barry Lamar Bonds
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Barry Bonds was born in Riverside, California in 1964, the son of San Francisco Giants slugger Bobby Bonds. A three-sport star in high school, he was drafted by the Giants, but chose to attend Arizona State University. After a stellar three-year career that included All-America honors, he was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On Tuesday, August 7, 2007, in the bottom of the fifth inning, Barry became Major League Baseball's new Home Run King, blasting his 756th career homer off Washington Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik.

    • Barry tied Hank Aaron's All-Time home run record of 755 homers on Saturday, August 4, 2007. He homered in the top of the second inning off of San Diego Padres' pitcher Clay Hensley, the 445th different pitcher he's gone deep off of.

    • Barry was selected to start the 2007 MLB All-Star game by the fans.

    • Barry will wear uniform number 42 on Sunday, April 15th to honor Jackie Robinson on the 60th anniversary of his Major League debut.

    • Bonds holds the record for consecutive games with a walk with 18.

    • Bonds is a 8-Time Gold Glove winner for NL Outfielder (1990-94, 1996-98)

    • Bonds is a 12-Time Silver Slugger winner for NL Outfielder (1990-94, 1996-97, 2000-04)

    • Bonds is a 3-Time Baseball America MLB Player of the Year (2001, 2003-04)

    • Holds record for consecutive seasons with 30 or more home runs with 13.

    • Bonds is a 5-time SF Giants Player of the Year (1998, 2001-04)

    • Bonds holds record for consecutive seasons with .600 slugging percentage or higher with 8 seasons.

    • Bonds shares the record for consecutive plate appearances with a walk with 7.

    • The Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Bonds with the 6th overall pick in the 1985 draft.

    • Barry Bonds was a Sporting News All-American at Arizona State in 1985.

    • He's hit more home runs (84) against the San Deigo Padres than any other team he's faced.

    • Barry's 715th home run ball sold for $220,000 at an eBay auction on August 3, 2006.

    • Barry stole his first base of the 2006 season on June 23 against the Oakland Athletics. It was his first stolen base since August 16, 2004.

    • Barry hit his 715th homerun on Sunday, May 28, 2006 off Colorado's Byung-Hyun Kim in the bottom of the fourth innning in San Francisco.

    • He has hit 412 homeruns with the bases empty, 286 with runners on, 139 with runners in scoring position and has 11 grand slams for his career.

    • As a career pinch-hitter he has a .190 average, a .386 on-base percentage, has been struck out 24 times, walked 20 times, has 11 runs, 12 hits, 4 homeruns and 9 RBIs in 63 at-bats.

    • He has 70 multi-home run games, only second to Babe Ruth with 72.

    • He has hit a homerun in 35 different ballparks.

    • Bonds has hit nine career homeruns as a designated hitter, including number 714.

    • He has hit a home run off of 424 different pitchers.

    • He hit his 714th career homerun on May 20, 2006 at Oakland in his first at bat.

    • Barry Bonds is ambidextrous, he can write with his right hand and throws left hand and bats lefthaned.

    • Barry Bonds stars in his own "reality show" named 'Bonds on Bonds' which shows Bonds in his personal life with family and friends and a behind-the-scenes look at how he prepares for upcoming games and what he does on his off-days. Also they provide highlights of his at-bats as he strives to climb the all-time homerun list, and showing interviews with the media and he talks about dealing with the publicity and criticism from the fans and media. Recently the show was taken off the air early due to low ratings the same weekend he eclipsed Babe Ruth's 714th homerun.

    • Bonds' career batting average is .300

    • Barry Bonds: I think some of the pressure comes from the expectations of other people. Like if your father played baseball, they expect you to be the big lifesaver or something when you play a sport.

    • Barry Bonds: I don't know if the record is going to happen. I don't really think about the record. There are other things I worry about.

    • Home Runs this season: 26

    • Official Career Home Run Tracker: 734

    • Barry Bonds joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in South Park episode 113 entitled "Up the Down Steroid".

    • Bonds' favorite football team is the 49ers.

    • Bonds' favorite food is pizza.

    • Bonds: My wife is my number one fan. No one knows me like she does.

    • On April 12, 2004, Bonds hit his 660th home run, tying him with his godfather Willie Mays for 3rd on the all-time career home run list in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers at SBC Park.

    • Bonds hit .471 with 4 home runs and 13 walks (7 intentional) in the 2002 World Series, thereby slugging 1.294 with a .700 on-base percentage.

    • he also set the record for most home runs hit in a single post-season (8).

    • Bonds received at least some MVP votes in 15 consecutive seasons. (from 1990 to 2004.)

    • Bonds: When I'm gone, someone else is going to sit on top of that hill.

    • Bonds: Those boos really motivate me to make something happen.

    • Bonds: There is nothing better than walking out and hitting a home run.

    • Bonds: The Giants pay me a lot of money, and that means I should play every day, keep myself in good physical shape, and play the way I'm capable of playing.

    • Bonds: Putting on my batting gloves, rubbing tar on my bat and stepping up to the plate made me start thinking about being in the batter's box again.

    • Bonds: No, I think superstitions don't do anything to make you a better player.

    • Bonds: My career is an open book, but my life is not.

    • Bonds: I told him that his education is the most important thing because without it you can't get anywhere in life.

    • Bonds: I need to win, man. I've had numbers, but I've never won a World Series.

    • Bonds: I love San Francisco.

    • Bonds: I just want to go back to San Francisco, play with these guys and give us every chance we have to get to the playoffs. I want to see the fans of San Francisco. I miss the city, I just want to go home. I can't wait to go home.

    • Bonds: I'm not seeing the ball any differently, ... I've just been lucky, I guess.

    • Bonds: When you've got the excitement I've created -- my home runs are a lottery ticket -- then you've got a city that's excited, ... If you win, you're going to create excitement, but you've got to win games. You can't not win and expect people to come to baseball games.

    • Bonds: I like to be against the odds. I'm not afraid to be lonely at the top. With me, it's just the satisfaction of the game. Just performance.

    • Barry Bonds has never won a World Series. His best chance came in 2002, when his team lost to the Anaheim Angels in 7 games.

    • He has two brothers (Bobby Jr. and Ricky) and one sister.

    • Barry was voted the #2 in GQ's "Most Hated Athletes" in 2006.

    • He often used "Danger" by Mystikal as his theme song when coming to the plate during the record-setting 2001 season.

    • He has appeared in ads for Nike, the Charles Schwab Corp and KFC. He also did an "I'm going to Disneyland!" spot with his family after breaking the single-season home run record.

    • He is a distant cousin of baseball Hall-of-Famer Reggie Jackson.

    • He is the nephew of Rosie Bonds, a 1964 U.S. Olympian and former American record holder in the 80 meter hurdles.

    • He has been married to Liz Watson since 1998. He was married to Susann "Sun" Margreth from 1988 to 1994. He has one son, Nikolai (born 1989); and two daughters, Shikari (born 1991) and Aisha Lynn (born 1999).

    • He is the godson of former Giants great Willie Mays, a first ballot Hall-of-Famer. Barry wore number 24 in Willie's honor during his years with Pittsburgh.

    • He is the son of Bobby Bonds. Barry wears number 25, the same number worn by his father during his seven years with the Giants. (he wore number 24 in Pittsburgh)

    • He is a 1982 graduate of Serra High School in San Mateo, CA. Quaterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots also attended Serra High. He was All-America as a senior and also starred in football and basketball. He was drafted by Giants in second round out of high school, but did not sign.

    • He attended Arizona State University for three years before signing a pro contract with Pittsburgh in 1985. He was named to the college All-America team by The Sporting News in 1985, and later selected to the All-Time College World Series team.

    • He was named "Player of the Decade" for the 1990s.

    • He won two National League batting titles (.370, 2002 & .362, 2004) and has led the NL in home runs twice (46, 1993 & 73, 2001) and RBI once (123, 1993).

    • He is a five-time member of the "30/30" club, for hitting 30 or more home runs and stealing 30 or more bases in the same season (1990, '92, '95, '96, '97). In 1996, he became the second player to record 40 or more home runs and 40 or more stolen bases in the same season.

    • He holds the New York/San Francisco Giants single-season team records for home runs (73, 2001); walks (232, 2004); total bases (411, 2001); slugging percentage (.863, 2001); on-base percentage (.609, 2004) and home runs in a World Series (4, 2002). He also holds franchise career records for slugging percentage (.672) and on-base percentage (.468).

    • He is the only player in Major League history to record over 400 home runs and 400 stolen bases in his career; he has reached 500 in both categories.

    • He was the winner of eight Gold Gloves for his defensive play (1990-94 and '96-'98).

    • He is a thirteen-time All Star selection (1990, 1992-98, 2000-04), and winner of 11 Silver Slugger Awards as the best hitter at his position (1990-94, 1996-97, 2000-04).

    • He is a seven-time National League Most Valuable Player, winning the award twice with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1990 and '92) and five times with the San Francisco Giants (1993, 2001-04). He is the only person ever to win the MVP award more than three times, and the only person to win more than two years in a row.

    • He is second on Major League Baseball's all-time home run list with 734. He also holds all-time records for walks with 2424 and intentional walks with 607 and ranks third in on-base percentage with .443, fourth in slugging percentage with .608; and sixth in runs with 2122 (through July 16).

    • He holds the Major League single-season home run record with 73 (2001). He also holds Major League single-season records for walks with 232 (2004); slugging percentage with .863 (2001); on-base percentage with .609 (2004); intentional walks with 120 (2004); and home runs in the postseason with 8 (2002, tied).

    • He has been the starting left fielder for the San Francisco Giants since 1993. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1986-92.

  • Quotes

    • Barry (on playing baseball in Tokyo, Japan): I'd go there and play for fun and have a good time. With what I've accomplished and what I'm doing, it's not funny to say I'll go break the record in Japan.

    • Barry Bonds: I'm not afraid to be lonely at the top. With me, it's just the satisfaction of the game. Just performance.

    • Bonds: I love Albert Pujols.

    • Barry Bonds: Contrary to all the fake and forged products out there in the market that claim to be from me, the truth is that I have kept the majority of all my game-used equipment from my career.

    • Barry Bonds: Every pitcher can beat you, it doesn't matter how good you are.

    • Barry Bonds: You're competing against so many different odds: for the fan's gratification, for the organization's satisfaction, for your own satisfaction.

    • Barry Bonds: When I hit it, I couldn't believe I hit it. Everything was in slow motion. It looked like it was stopped in midair. Then I saw it went past those people (on the left field wall) and I thought, 'Wow! I did it!'

    • Barry Bonds: Sometimes the walks are frustrating, but it's all part of the game and I try to make something else happen - steal a base, score.

    • Barry Bonds: I wouldn't be surprised if someone breaks 73... I don't know if that record will still exist next year.

    • Bonds: Young players need to know how to take care of themselves for life after baseball.

    • Bonds: When you're on the field you're a different person because you're on a battlefield at that time.

    • Bonds: It's not the name that makes the player. It's the player.

    • Bonds: I was born to hit a baseball. I can hit a baseball.

    • Bonds: I like to be against the odds.

    • Bonds: Everyone in society should be a role model, not only for their own self-respect, but for respect from others.

    • Bonds: But to be the best, you must face the best. And to overcome your fear, you must deal with the best.

    • Bonds: I'm just looking forward again to having my name called playing left field and seeing that little kid in the stands. Those are the visions that I see. I haven't got to the game part yet, how my emotions are going to feel. Am I going to be nervous or jittery? Guys are playing really good. I don't want to mess it up.

  • Why Barry?

    Before Barry Bonds began his era of cheating, he used to be a fantastic baseball player. Had he not started to roid up, he may have gotten to the lead in homeruns. I guess we will never know. But one thing I will say is that Barry Bonds no longer has any of my repsect. I watched the dude play for quite some time and I can't understand why he thought he needed to cheat. There isn't a player in baseball I can say that isn't on steroids or hasn't been at some time. Baseball is forever ruined in the fact of clean talent. Thank you.moreless
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    Guilty as Charged!
    There can now be absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Barry Bonds is a conservative! Consider the evidence. Liberal Bill Moyers called for Vice President Cheney to be assassinated. Not a peep from the media. Conservative Anne Coulter made a sarcastic remark about Moyers, and said maybe she should call for Edwards to be assassinated. She was vilified, same as Bonds. Second point: Conservative Trent Lott was called racist and forced out of office simply for wishing Strom Thurmond happy birthday. Liberal Senator Robert Byrd was (and may still be) a card-carrying member of KKK. Again. not a peep from the media. My respect and my sympathies go to Barry Bonds.moreless