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  • Why Barry?

    Before Barry Bonds began his era of cheating, he used to be a fantastic baseball player. Had he not started to roid up, he may have gotten to the lead in homeruns. I guess we will never know. But one thing I will say is that Barry Bonds no longer has any of my repsect. I watched the dude play for quite some time and I can't understand why he thought he needed to cheat. There isn't a player in baseball I can say that isn't on steroids or hasn't been at some time. Baseball is forever ruined in the fact of clean talent. Thank you.
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    Guilty as Charged!
    There can now be absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Barry Bonds is a conservative! Consider the evidence. Liberal Bill Moyers called for Vice President Cheney to be assassinated. Not a peep from the media. Conservative Anne Coulter made a sarcastic remark about Moyers, and said maybe she should call for Edwards to be assassinated. She was vilified, same as Bonds. Second point: Conservative Trent Lott was called racist and forced out of office simply for wishing Strom Thurmond happy birthday. Liberal Senator Robert Byrd was (and may still be) a card-carrying member of KKK. Again. not a peep from the media. My respect and my sympathies go to Barry Bonds.
  • Barry Bonds is one of the best baseball players ever.

    Barry Bonds is one of the best baseball players ever. I know people will say well he took steroids and all that. But Bonds was a hall of fame caliber player before he ever supposedly took steroids. Barry Bonds has been my favorite baseball player since i started to watch baseball. I cant see that ever changing, i don't care all the allegations against him. Bonds is the best and nobody can touch him. I hope that he can have a great year this year in which i think will be his last. I think he needs to retire before he destroys his knees completley. In my mind Bonds will always be number one
  • The worst player that ever lived.

    In my opinion, Barry Bonds is one of the worst people that ever lived. If you have seen pictures of him when he was young, you would notice that he was not as big as he is today. Today, you can tell that he is on steriods. He is a cheater and should not be treated like he is a super star. He sould be kicked out of the major leagues, forgotton about and all of his records should be taken away. If I was the general managar for the San Fransico Giants and I found out that one of my players is on steriods, I would kick him off the team. I would not want that kind of person on my team.
  • Steroids steroids steroids. I call him Barroids. He never beat anyones record.

    This guys is horrible hes nothing but a steroid taker. I hate the Cubs but I loved it when Juan Pierre stole Barrys homerun. He never beat Babe Ruths record or Mays or Robinsons. I hate the SF fans who like him. This guys like they should stop pitching to Pujols well they wont because everyone wants Pujols to break the record and he probaly will. Im a big Cardinal fan by the way and Babe Ruth is in second in my books. And if Barroids goes to the hall of fame it will be for the first player to pass these records using them.
  • Steriods Ruined His Career

    Besides Giant fans who likes Barry Bonds? He\'s an idiot to the media, he is selfish, and he won\'t admit to using steriods. If he just admited to using steriods, I wouldn\'t hate him as much. I don\'t lke is whiny attitude either. Even though his records stand, and he is one of the best players ever he will always be looked at as a cheater.
  • One of this generation's best players...

    Before the allegations of steroid use, Barry Bonds was already among the greatest in baseball. He's won numerous gold gloves for his defense in left field, and he's won numerous MVP awards, and batting titles. He is one of few to have hit 500 homeruns and steal 500 bases, and with all other major accomplishments in his career and the one everyone is anticipating is the homerun record. Whether or not he's "cheated" as some may say he still has proven that he is still one of the best to hit a baseball. By passing his Godfather Willie Mays and reaching 700 homeruns he is way ahead of the competition, and as his career reaches it's end, some may look past the steroid stories and see that he's already been one of the all-time greats. Hate him or love him he will be remembered in many ways in the future.
  • My opinion of Barry Bonds was favorable throughout most of his career, until the days as a San Francisco Giant. Bonds should come out of the closet, and admit that he took steroids. He gained quite a bit of weight, since leaving the Pittsburgh Pirates. Su

    I learned about Barry Bonds at around the time I started watching Chicago Cubs baseball, as part of the opposing Pittsburgh Pirates. I always thought, for a while, that Bond was a brilliant and terrific athlete. At some point after Bonds left Pittsburgh for the San Francisco Giants, I didn't pay much attention to some of the controversy that surrounded Bonds.

    He has accomplished a lot -- he took over Mark McGwire's short-lived homeruns record (which previously had belonged to Roger Maris. He could also potentially break Henry "Hank" Aaron's all-time record of homers. There's no doubt that he's a talented act. However, since the steroid mess came into play, I started to suspect maybe Bonds may have cheated. The noticeable increase in the bulk of weight is something to consider (he was under 200 pounds early in his career, now he's well over that number).

    Because of the possible steroid use, my impression of Bonds overall has decreased over the years. I hope he does what is best, and admit that he did 'juice' himself up. Otherwise, not only that he would ruin his own reputation, but for baseball itself. Also, I'm uncertain as to whether he should be elected into the Hall of Fame.
  • 'Nuff said

    Barry Bonds is not as good as everyone thinks he is. In my opinion Bonds was a steroid abuser, that's why he's almost caught Babe ruth in home runs. Babe Ruth was an actual good player, not Bonds, same as Sosa, Bonds would not be as good without some "help." It's just my opinion, but I think Bonds cheated. I think he took so much time off in 2005 to avoid drug tests. Now I'm not saying Bonds is talentless, he has some natural skill, but most probably came from the juice. Steroids can make a decent hitter with alright power into a player with great power.