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  • Barry Corbin is a great actor especially portraying the cool and kind of mean Whitey Durham in the best show ever One Tree Hill. This is an all time great actor. He is very talented.

    Barry Corbin is a great actor. He has been in great films like No Country for Old Men and The Dukes of Hazards. She is also in very well known shows like Reba, King of the Hill, Spin City, The Closer, and Murder, She Wrote. The best one is being Whitey Durham in One Tree Hill. His character is very nice and caring and he is very interested in helping young teenagers in whatever they need. I hope that he comes back to One Tree Hill for the fifth and sixth season or at least as a guest star because he did many things for One Tree Hill.
  • I love Whitey and Barry!

    Whitey is one of my favorites. He is such a sweet man. He cares about every single person in Tree Hill, well except for maybe Dan. He is so hard on the students at THHS b/c he truely cares for them and wants what\'s best for them. He has a big heart. And he lost his wife years ago, and he talks about her in a few episodes throughout all of the seasons, and everytime he does, he makes me cry! Its so beautiful. He talks about basketball being his first love, and Camilla being his 2nd. I love Barry as a person to, he\'s really kind and hes a loving friendly cowboy. Haha. He\'s a sweet guy on and off the set.
  • He taught me to shoot hoopes.

    Barry Corbin is an outstanding actor who might not be in the A list stars but he is very very talented without a doubt. He might be most well known for playing coach "Whitey" in The WB's hit teen drama, "One Tree Hill", his character finds joy in teaching high school students basketball and he is also the team captain of the Tree Hill Ravens. He is there for his players as coach and as a friend, he doesn't only help his players with their basketball skills but also with their lives and growing up. He might be old but he's great!
  • Great Coach!

    Barry does a wonderful job in his roll as a coach, come to think about it, I haven't seen a movie I didn't enjoy him in. :)
    Whitey does a great job filling in as a dad for these kids when they need bad they couldn't follow them into college. He has taught the kids a lot...wish I had a coach like that in school.