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    • Barry's only Broadway role was The Private Ear and the Public Eye, in 1963.

    • Although Alfred Hitchcock said that he offered him the role of Robert Rusk in Frenzy (1972) after seeing him perform in a play, Foster later learned from Hitchcock's secretary that the director's decision was actually based on having seen him in Twisted Nerve (1968), a thriller with a distinctly Hitchcockian flavour.

    • Both of Foster's daughters - Miranda and Joanna - are both actresses, but his son Jason has not gone into acting.

    • After Barry Foster's death, a trust was set up, The Barry Foster Memorial Appeal to help disabled children become involved in the theatre.

    • Some obituaries (i.e. BBC Online) incorrectly stated Barry Foster's year of birth as 1931 - the British Film Institute website provides definitive year of birth as 1927, based on a check of the birth and marriage certificates held at the Family Records Centre, London.

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