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  • Fran and Barry rock!!

    Barry Lazarus competed with his wife, Fran, on the 2006 season of The Amazing Race, this review is based on his appearance there.

    Barry was always there with words of encouragement for Fran, although sometimes the two of them really frustrated me... the times when they'd walk right by the clue box and not see it... I'm not sure why that happened to them as much as it did, but it made me just yell at the TV screen! Times like that made it seem that they'd be eliminated earlier than they were, but they hung in there, and showed us all what real team-work is.

    The two of them really did work together, and were positive towards each other, unlike so many of the other teams in the 2006 season. It was good to see an older couple who still have such obvious affection for each other.

    I was glad to see them last in the race as long as they did, and I wish they could have gone farther, but someone's got to go... but they did really well, and they should get their own show!moreless