Barry Morse





6/10/1918 , London, England



Birth Name

Herbert Morse




Born in London's East End, Barry's career began when he won a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the age of 15. Upon graduation he followed with successful stage runs in London's West End and in theatrical productions throughout the United Kingdom, and appeared on the BBC's earliest live television broadcasts in the late 1930s. Barry relocated to Canada in the early 1950s, working in live theatre, on CBC Radio, and in the premiere CBC TV broadcasts. He has also appeared several times on Broadway, in such shows as "Hadrian VII", "Salad Days", and "Hide and Seek" as well as directing the ground-breaking Broadway production of "Staircase". While a staple many of the anthology and dramatic series of the 1950s and 1960s, he is probably best known in North America for his TV roles as 'Lt. Gerard' in "The Fugitive" and in "Space: 1999" as 'Prof. Bergman.' A journalist recently determined that he has played more than 3,000+ roles on the stage, screen, and radio in a career that has spanned over six decades. Morse died at University College Hospital in London at the age of 89.