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  • Barry Sloane as killer Nial..what do you think?

    Well to begin i'd like to say i absolutly hated his character! He was so so evil, watching Kieron die was awful, but then when Nial killed Max... lets just say their were lots of tears. However, redit where credits due - Barry was an amazing actor. He seemed to fill the role perfectly and brought a air of mystery around his charater. The emotion he put into the scenes, especially the really evil ones made it great to watch although it did have me talking to the TV wishing i could tell the other characters to get away from him. The thing that gripped me most though were his eyes, did any one else think they were slightly mesmorising? Whenever the cmera zoomed in towards his smug side grin and his blank staring eyes, i could tell something terrible was about to happen, and for having the perfect face for the rolse i applaud him!