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  • Played Steve Sloan, in Diagnosis Murder, Mike Bryant in Murder, and is the son of Dick Van Dyke

    Barry Van Dyke is a great actor, and him and his father make a great team, playing in my favorite show Diagnosis Murder, as father and son, and Murder 101, as of course father and son, he has been in other shows but Diagnosis Murder and Murder 101 are the only ones of seen him in.

    In Diagnosis Murder he played Detective Steve Sloan, who of course had a very soft spot for his dad and was also tough as nails, but he wasn't all business, he added a lttle humor to the part too.

    Barry's a great actor not doubt got it from Dick, hes witty and serious at the same time or just witty, It was great seeing him again in Murder 101, hopefully he will play in more shows in the future.