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  • I've grew-up watching Barry Watson, from his previous series of 7th Heaven.

    Wow! I couldn't believe my own eyes at all. Barry Watson is quite opposite than his role of Matt Camdan on 7th Heaven for sure. He is one heck of funnist tv star and person i've ever seen. Barry Watson brings great comedic as person/actor and great entertainment. Oh, Man! Barry Watson & Micheal Rosenbaum brings the same level of comedic entertainment as the funnist tv star.
  • Barry Watson first grabbed my attention when I saw him on 7th Heaven many years ago...He is a cool-looking guy and an awesome actor! They should have had him on that show more often!

    I must say that Barry Watson is definitely my favorite actor! I have seen a lot of good pictures of him. I first saw him on 7th Heaven many years ago. But that episode had David Galliger in it also, who played Simon Camden. At first, I didn't like the show then, because Simon tackled one of his friends in the house. Then, many years later, when I saw a commercial for it I saw Barry Watson on it. I watched the show and his acting was perfect! He is a really cool guy!
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    Once again, if you didn't get my first review ever on actor ever!
  • he is a great older brother .

    Matt is like the best older brother any one could have. He is so supportive to his younger brothers and sisters. He puts them first before anyone else. Its so amazing to see him work his magic as the oldsest Camden child. He is very happily married to a great jewish girl Sarah. I love Sarah, she is very funny and open minded about everything she does what she wants and doesnt think twicew about it. Matt and Sarah are both in medical school training to become a doctor. Best wishes for them and good luck in the future. I hope to be seeing Matt a lot this season.
  • A very good actor and person.

    Barry plays the role of Matt Camden on 7th Heaven. I have always loved him very much on 7th Heaven he was one of the better actors.

    I also like him as a person as well. The thing I like most about him is that he is a cancer surviver. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease and went throuch chemotherapy. He won a teen choice award the same time he was going through chemo. When I was watching it I thought, "What are they going to do if Barry wins? He's not going to be there because he has cancer." And then it was announced that he had won. He showed up with his hair falling out "not looking his best" and accepted his award. Ever since then I thought he was cool.

    He is now a husband and a father to a little boy named Oliver.
  • i loved him on 7th heaven.

    he portrayed the role of Matt Camden on the popular series 7th Heaven. the series was about a preacher and his wife and their problems with their five children. Later the mom gave birth to twins so they had to cope with 7 kids and all of their problems.
    When i watched the show regurly i was jealous of a girl who played Matt's girlfriend at the time.
    He performs so well thati could believe anything he says even though i know he is acting.I hope he has a great and healthy life with his wife and son.
    barry watson is an awesome actor.
  • barry watson is an awesome actor! not only is he brillant he is soooo hot! he has a very pure way of speaking! his words are like a melody in my ear!he makes everything he say seem so really!in boogeyman it almost made me cry bc it is sooor realyy!

    Barry is one of the most talented actors out there! Not only is he raising a little boy with Tracy he is also taking on roles in movies and tv shows! Barry is very enthusiastic in things!In 7th heaven sometimes a swear that him and sarah danielle madison are a couple in real life they both do their lines so well it\'s like they new them b4 they even got them! i hope barry and sarah have an excellent career in acting!