Barry Zito

Barry Zito


5/13/1978, Las Vegas, Nevada

Birth Name

Barry William Zito


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Beginning with the 2007 season, Barry Zito will pitch for the San Francisco Giants of the National League. Previously, his entire career had been spent as a pitcher for the American League Oakland Athletics, whose budget could not accommodate Zito's price range once he achieved free agency. Barry…more


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    • Zito: It's the playoffs, so if you don't get ahead in the count, it becomes more exposed than in the regular season, so...

    • Zito: You know, I didn't put too much pressure on myself. I just went out and said, 'If I make my pitches, they'll get themselves out.'

    • Zito: My strengths are my fastball, my curveball and my change. Mix in that fastball away and the fastball up in the zone. For the most part, it's just sticking with my game.

    • Zito: Brown was way out in front of a changeup, ... That's just the baseball gods there. ... I haven't seen their games, but I figure they hadn't gotten breaks like that.

    • Zito: Maybe I was a little lethargic mentally, instead of being pumped up. I think that works to my advantage when I'm lethargic. It helps me not trip out on everything.