Bart Johnson

Bart Johnson


12/15/1970, Hollywood, California, USA

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Barton Robert Johnson


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Bart Johnson is a skilled athlete who enjoys sports, flying airplanes, skiing, and many more. He's also best known for his role on a Disney Channel Original movie High School Musical as Coach Jack Bolton.


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    • Bart: (About his bed and breakfast in Utah) And I spend a lot of time up there and when we were shooting it just happened to be it's like two weeks every summer you get really bad weather and we nailed it. We nailed it for a couple times it seems like. It was pretty hot and those guys were playing basketball luckily it was indoors but man, those guys were working hard too because there was dance rehearsals all morning and then they took a break to ice their knees and a medic would come in there and put ice packs on their knees and around their elbows and shoulders. And then they'd take it all off and do basketball all afternoon and then they'd take a break and then do dance and man they just got beat up and I got to practice blowing my whistle and walking up and down the court yelling at them so, I got the easy part.

    • Bart: (On studying basketball roles) Well, watch games, I'm really good yelling at kids. No, I actually work with the Boy Scouts and that actually helped a lot because we have a basketball team and we play a lot and sort of working with the Boy Scouts you do a lot of playing and a lot of building relationships with young teen players. So that helped.

    • Bart: I do a lot of soccer and skiing and snowboarding, winter sports and ya know not a whole lot of basketball. I'm kinda hooked now, I've got a hoop at my house and I play a lot.