Basia A'Hern





12/7/1989 , England, UK

Birth Name

Basia A'Hern




Basia A'Hern was born on December 7, 1989 in England but she is an Australian actress.
Basia made her screen debut in 2001, guesting as Cyntrina in the Farscape episode, "...Different Destinations".
She started studying acting in 2001, at the Keane Kids Studios, and is represented by Keane Kids Management a division of Gala Productions.
In 2002, Basia made an appearance as Kate Henley in the telefilm Disappearance. From there, she went on to regular roles as Kate King in the television series Don't Blame Me and Lyndsey 'Lyndz' Collins in The Sleepover Club.
In mid 2002 Basia was given a role in the star studded movie "Planet of the Apes", she was the coffee girl. Basia told many papers that this gave her all the motivation to try harder as she finally realized that she is just not cut out for this business.
Basia made her feature film debut in the 2002 movie
The Pact
, as Brittany Jackson.
Most recently, she has begun co-starring as Rose Hall in the fourth season of McLeod's Daughters.