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  • Her Amazing Performances & Excellent Comedic Timing Makes This Woman One's of Our Favorites

    Bea Arthur... Just that name makes me think of all the funny stuff she has done on television. Whether it's her noticeable voice, her catchphrase "God'll get you for that" from "Maude", or her possibly best known performance as Dorothy Zbornak from "The Golden Girls". She is truly one of my favorite female actors, and I got my reasons.

    First, she has great timing for comedy. Maude and The Golden Girls are AMAZING examples. Her facial expressions and great sharp tongue make me laugh out loud! Seriously though, they're both amazing shows.

    Anyways, all I can say is that this woman has excellent comedy, and we're missing here since her passing... I hope she's making people laugh up there as she did to the people down on Earth!
  • Good actress.

    Well, even though I was a Golden Girls fan, at all, I must say I respected the actress Bea Arthur. She was talented as also funny in her own, dry way. I guess I remember her best on the show with fellow old women. She was pretty good at being the stern, mobile character that was always the one to be the punisher of the bunch. She will be appreciated for her work as an actress because she was one of the better actresses around at her age. Overall, I must say that I respected her and her work during that time. Thank you.
  • a true great

    I don't remember Maudeas a kid, but as a teen the reruns were great, and then just a few years later I was treated too one of my all time favorite shows Golden Girls, and Bea as Dorothy was the most perfect casting ever, she is among my all time fave Tv charecters, strong,smart, I loved dorothy and still do
  • Timing is everything

    Only a few people in this world has the special gift of comedic timing. Bea Arthur is one of them. I have been following Bea for over 20 years and 8 years religiously. It has been a wise decision for me to pick one person to follow and learn more about and that person to be Bea. After learning so much about her and meeting her a couple of times, there are still so many unanswered questions that I have about this lady. However, that is part of the fun of Bea. I don't want all the answers to be answered and I doubt she would let that happen anyway! Sure, she gets poked at, at times, but that is because she is original and nothing in the industry comes close to her unique talents. There is so much for me to say about Bea, but the most important thing that I want to convey, to people reading this, just learning about her, is to give her a chance. Study her actions and reactions and you will soon see the brilliance before your eyes. Thank you Ms. Arthur for all the years of joy and thought provoking words you have offered the world... and your never tiring of giving us more.