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    • Bea didn't achieve stardom until she was in her 50's.

    • Bea had done a radio variation of Green Acres with Gale Gordon beginning in 1950 called Granby's Green Acres.

    • Bea never received an on-screen credit for her voice characterizations with Warner, as the studio had a policy of not listing them (with the exception of the famous Mel Blanc, who had it written into his contract).

    • Bea resigned from the animated series, The Flintstones, in 1964 due to the workload on Petticoat Junction, and Betty Rubble would be voiced by Gerry Johnson for the remainder of the series run.

    • Bea was a prolific dialectician and this allowed her to work on several of the Warner Brothers cartoons alongside the famous Mel Blanc.

    • Bea got her first big break when she became a regular on Jack Benny's big radio show, where she created memorable characters like Gertrude Gearshift.

    • Bea's father, Samuel Benaderet, was a Turkish immigrant and her mother's name was Margaret O'Keefe Benaderet.

    • Bea was discovered by the manager of radio station KGO, who spotted her singing in a children's production of The Beggar's Opera, and put her on the radio as a singer.

    • Bea attended St. Rose Academy High School and studied acting at the Reginald Travis School of Acting in San Francisco.

    • Though Bea appeared to be a wholesome sweet lady, it is said that she could out-cuss a sailor.

    • Bea's second husband, Eugene Twombly, died of a heart attack just four days after she died of cancer.

    • Bea was originally considered for the role of Granny in the 1962 series, The Beverly Hillbillies, but got the part of Cousin Pearl Bodine instead. During auditions for the role of Granny, it was Benaderet, feeling she wasn't right for the role, who pointed to Irene Ryan and told producer Paul Henning, "There's your 'Granny'!".

    • Bea was Lucille Ball's original choice to play the part of Ethel Mertz in the I Love Lucy sitcom.

    • One of Bea's children is actor Jack Bannon.

    • Bea did several radio shows and worked with Lucille Ball on a show called My Favorite Husband.

    • After Bea had done several voice over and various other roles, the famous Orson Welles gave her a regular part on Campbell Playhouse.

    • Bea started working in radio at the age of 12 years old.

    • Although Bea was born in New York, NY, she was raised in San Francisco, CA.

    • Bea had two children with her first husband, Jim Bannon, but was divorced from him in 1950 (they were married in 1938) and then married Gene Twombly in 1957.

    • Bea Benaderet was the original voice of Betty Rubble on The Flintstones cartoon series. Ms. Benaderet was also the uncredited female voice of many female characters from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.

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