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  • "Oh my god! It´s a mirage! I´m tellin´ y´all it´s a Sabotage!" -from 'Sabotage'

    Beastie Boys! aka The Beasties! Mike D, MCA, and the King Ad-Rock!

    Note- Normally, I hate white rappers. White rappers can't rap (hey, Eminem!) (Oh, just to add to that, I hate all rappers. Just white rappers, I hate slightly more.) But the Beastie Boys are actually good white rappers. Very good.

    Err, just to clarify, when I refer to the Beasties positively, I am talking of everything prior "To the 5 Boroughs", their latest album. I like this album in comparison to most of the music out there in present day (most of which is intolerable, soppy wannabe rockers like Ashlee Simpson, Billy Talent, Good Charlotte, Nickelback, Simple Plan or some really old bands trying to make a comeback*), but I do not like this album when compared to the Beasties previous work. Basically, I do not like this album as a work of the Beastie Boys, but I do like this album. You follow so far?

    *Speaking of comebacks, the Beasties have joined the troupe of popular bands/artists trying (and in my opinion failing) to make a good comeback. Jane's Addiction, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Vanilla Ice, even Linkin Park to some extent. ESPECIALLY GREENDAY!!!! The Beastie's tried to return to the scene, but didn't. I hope they take a very long break to recuperate; But by then they'll be in their late forties.

    It's a bit disconcerting that the Beastie Boys are all several years past the hill, yet still go by 'Boys'. Hopefully just Peter Paninites, not Michael Jacksonions. (Naww, I'm just joking. I know they're good guys.)

    I really appreciate the Beasties early work, such as 'Fight For Your Right', 'Brass Monkey' (oh, that Funky Monkey), and 'Sabotage'.

    Another random note, in a very badly assembled review, I am editor for the Beastie Boys.

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!