Beatrice Colen





1/10/1948 , New York City, New York, USA



Birth Name

Beatrice Schneider




Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Beatrice Colen gave us one last reminder of the days of roller skate waitresses, bringing to life the character of Marsha Simms in Happy Days. Others may remember her better as Etta Candy on Wonder Woman Though born in the hot bed of performance in the east, it's not clear that she ever intended to make a mark in New York. She evidently did not appear in any show on or off Broadway, and there's no evidence she ever attended any formal acting school. She seemed content accepting minor roles on several TV shows, most of which described her job on the part, such as "the maid." Other times, she is credited, yet nameless in her credit. Colen was not consumed with publicity, leading one to assume that her success as Marsha Simms was purely by accident. Whether she liked it or not, people liked her. And Marsha appeared on 22 episodes of Happy Days, plus one flashback episode. Colen left Happy Days about the same time she married actor Patrick Cronin, though the timing appears coincidental. Her marriage to Cronin lasted an astounding (by show business standards) 22 years, ending only due to her ill-publicized death due to lung cancer on November 18, 1999. The Cronins settled down in Johnson City, Tennessee. She raised two sons who went on to become honors students at East Tennessee State University. Following her death, her husband established The Beatrice Colen Cronin Memorial Fund, which supports various performing arts causes. On account of that fund, her husband and sons have been known to perform together in various plays.