Beau Beasley

Beau Beasley

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Bradley Milton Beasley II


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Beau Beasley, born Bradley Milton Beasley II is a 26 yr old from Pembroke Pines FL. Beau is best known for appearing on CBS's Big Brother 6, but has also made appearances on MTV's Made, and National Lampoon's Pledge This. Beau received his education from IFAC (The International…more

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    • Beau said the worst thing about living in the BB house was not knowing what was going to happen next.

    • Beau said he did not feel betrayed by the Friendship alliance when Maggie didn't use the POV to save either him or Ivette.

    • Beau saiad that he believed he and Ivette could make it to the final two and that they were never a threat until they were the last couple standing.

    • Beau said the he did not pick Ivette to be his BB6 partner, she picked him because they had great chemistry before going into the house, and that Ivette trusts him and knows that he is a competitor.

    • Beau said his favorite BB6 challenge was "Playing Dirty" [where houseguests had to retrieve keys from a mud pit].

    • Beau said the thing he most missed from the outside world while in the BB6 house was both his laptop and his Sidekick.

    • Beau told that the his favorite article of clothing he brought into the house was his Juicy Couture and Lacoste jumpers.

    • Beau said that James is obviously a good BB6 player because they put him on the block 5 times & he didn't leave.

    • After leaving the BB6 house Beau said that besides Ivette, he also plans on staying in touch with Jen, April, Cappy [Eric], Maggie and Howie who lives only 20 minutes away from him.

    • Beau said that he thinks Eric got a bad rap on the BB6 show.

    • Beau says he is happy with the way he played the game & doesn't take back anything he did in the house. Not even his tiff with Janelle.

    • Beau said that he was happy with the way he played the BB6 game because he stayed true to himself.

    • Beau said he thinks Marcellas is a coward for not having him on his show.

    • Beau said his only strategy upon entering the BB6 house was to befriend the quietest girl and the biggest jock - Which he believes he did with Maggie and Howie.

    • Beau said he began to catch on that he and Ivette were not the only BB6 pair in the first week when Ashlea and Janelle were arguing over a bathing suit. Ashlea had asked Janelle if she was wearing the bikini she had bought from eBay.

    • Beau said that he never threw any of the HOH competitions on BB6.

    • Beau said that if he had won the POV the week he was evicted, he probably would have used it to save himself over Ivette.

    • Beau said that if he could have competed in the luxury shopping spree (where the BB6 contestants destroy a piece of another houseguest's clothing that they hated) that Beau would have destroyed Howie's ripped bikini underwear because he believes that Howie is trapped in the 80's and that they were four sizes too big.

    • Beau said that he felt like he had to protect Ivette in the BB6 house because people thought that her and James had a secret alliance.

    • Beau said that the enless trash talking about the other team (Sov.6) within his group was not strategic, but that it was just fun and it made the time go by faster.

    • Beau said that he did not feel that he had a better chance of winning BB6 over Ivette.

    • Beau said that he only got along with Janelle for the sake of the game and that he doesn't see himself hanging out with her outside he house on a regular basis - maybe as party friends but that would be about it.

    • Beau claimed that James was the biggest instigator in the BB6 house because he would make things up in an effort to divert attention from himself.

    • Beau said that he belived April made the right decision to target James during her week as HOH.

    • Beau said that the worst moment in the BB6 house was the fight between Michael and Capi (Eric).

    • Beau said that the best moment in the BB6 house was him and Howie in the backyard talking about aliens.

    • Beau said that the two people he feels close to in the house besides Ivette are
      Maggie and Howie, because he and Maggie had a brother/sister relationship, and he and Howie just hit it off from the beginning.

    • Beau said that he would not change a single thing about the way he played BB6.

    • Beau said that laying low from the beginning was part of his strategy in the BB6 house because he tends to tell a lot of stories and is very talkative at times so he was afraid that if he started – he'd never stop.

    • Beau said that he was really surprised that there were so many houseguests from South Florida in BB6 because he's a well known person in Miami and was excited to know the same people since It gives them more things to talk about.

    • Beau said that the "Pressure Cooker" HOH endurance competition wasn't that difficult at first – But then when there boredom set in – he started to go crazy.

    • Beau said that they called their group the "Friendship" because the word "Alliance" sounds so corporate. They wanted to soften the word a little, and just enjoyed each others company and talked little strategy.

    • Beau said that the best chess player in the BB6 house was James and the worst was Maggie.

    • Beau said that he and Ivette often hung out with different groups at the beginning of the game because,of social reasons. They didn't want to blow their cover – but also just fell into different cliques.

    • Beau said that he thought Ivette would be evicted before him and that he was surprised they were the last pair standing.

    • Beau said that his favorite activity in the BB6 house was Memory wall pictures. Every Wednesday big brother would flash pictures of all of the houseguests doing certain activities and they were able to see themselves on TV. (Still shots)

    • In a post BB6 interview, Beau said that he was surprised that he missed his mom's laugh while he was in the BB6 house.

    • Beau told CBS that he would definitely do Big Brother again, and that knowing what he knows now - would definitely win!

    • While on BB6, Beau said in his HOH blog that the best part about being HOH was getting his stuff from home.

    • On episode 10 of BB6 Beau says "If I were to go on a first date with Howie, he would probably try to molest me."

  • Very Interesting

    Beau was a player that stood out from the players. I would say that he kept the house interesting, along with Howie. He had good intentions but he could only go with Ivette ;otherwise they would have been gone towards the begginning.For this reason he was marked as a nerd herd menber. According to CBS polls, Beau was the 2nd most popular member of the \"friendship\".(on that note Maggie was most popular)Overall, Beau kepth the hgouse interesting and it was indeed a shame to see him go. When he was evicted and walked out the door, part of the excitement of the BB6 house went with him.moreless