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  • average actor...

    Beau Bridges is a pretty average actor, at best. I've only seen him as General Landry on Stargate SG-1 and he doesn't do a very good job on the show. First thing, he has an annoying voice. Second, he just does not have the presense the other actors do. Third, he's just not good. Many actors could play the general just as well, or better, than Beau does. I was surprised to see that he was nominated for an emmy as a supporting actor in another show. Maybe he's just bad in Stargate and good in other shows. I don't know.
  • He just isn't that good.

    I think the only reason he's had any kind of a career is because of his family. His brother is way talented and he's probably just ridden his coat-tails. The I don't think he is believable in anything he does. Especailly in touching moments when he is suppose to care about someone ... I don't get any sense of real feeling at all. His comedy is also a little too muggy for me if you know what I mean. I don't want to see him just make faces - that's not funny. I just hope someone in Hollywood stops giving him parts because of his family name.
  • I've never liked this guy.

    One of my least favorite actors, Beau Bridges always irritates. I really wish he would have gone away silently, retire, and get out of our hair. But noooooooo! He's shown up in one of my favorite TV seris, Stargate SG1, as the commander of the SGC. Please get him out! Right now! I cringe everytime I see him. How much better were the performances of Don S. Davis and Richard Dean Anderson (of course) in the same role. But what is really scary is that when Beau Bridges shows up in TV shows, they are usually baaadddddd TV shows. Stargate SG1 is quality stuff. Egad, don't let him ruin it.
  • An amazing guy!

    It amazes me that Beau is just as convincing as P. T. Barnum as he is as Col. Tom Parker, Richard Nixon or James Brady. How can one man trick us so completely into thinking he's another? The only other actor I've seen who has this wonderful ability to such a degree is Dustin Hoffman.

    It was fun watching Beau grow up on film. The first time most of us saw him was on his dad's series, "Sea Hunt." He was a well-meaning, but misguided teenager in "For Love of Ivy," and his character in "The Other Side of the Mountain" was so strong. The network execs knew talent when they saw it, and they began to give him series. Good move! He added much to "Ensign O'Toole" and the many more series that followed.

    I'm so glad Beau decided to be an actor. We've learned much from him over the years.