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  • An amazing guy!

    It amazes me that Beau is just as convincing as P. T. Barnum as he is as Col. Tom Parker, Richard Nixon or James Brady. How can one man trick us so completely into thinking he's another? The only other actor I've seen who has this wonderful ability to such a degree is Dustin Hoffman.

    It was fun watching Beau grow up on film. The first time most of us saw him was on his dad's series, "Sea Hunt." He was a well-meaning, but misguided teenager in "For Love of Ivy," and his character in "The Other Side of the Mountain" was so strong. The network execs knew talent when they saw it, and they began to give him series. Good move! He added much to "Ensign O'Toole" and the many more series that followed.

    I'm so glad Beau decided to be an actor. We've learned much from him over the years.