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Beau Wolf made first became famous when he starred in the 2003 reality show "Paradise Hotel". More infor on Beau coming soon..


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  • mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm Beau

    I have to say Beau was too cute, I was just in awww with his smile, I hated to see him cry when Amanda left, butt at the same time I liked that he was himself and showed his emotions! I liked his body and his personallity! he was one of the cutest to me, and I would love to see him back for some more!!!
  • beau is smart honest and sexy.he has a nice body he very attractive and i love him.i like who i saw on the reality show paradise and that tells alot about who he is.beau is altogether a beautiful person and his looks and his honesty rubbed me the right wamoreless

    I Love You BEAU!!!i think Beau is the hottest guy i have ever seen on tv and in real life.i have never met anyone like him in my whole intire life.

    i think Beau is an increddible person and i would give just about anything to meet him.Beau is a very honest person and i like that about him.Nobody that know or hang out with has ever been that real and down to earth like he is and i think that is what makes him a good person and i dont care what anyone thinks of him because they are all jealous of him.i hope that one day i can meet him but for now my review is finished.if you happen to come aross this Beau please give me a call or email me at my home number is 304-925-2177 or 304-722-4274 i love you beau and bye for now.moreless