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  • OMG?! What's the DEAL with Becca?!


    You got to hug it out, and she didn't.

    You got to show loyalty to the lost, she didn't.

    What did she do?... She got abducted.

    Sorry Becca, you get a 3.

  • Beca Adams is a model and is on the THE COLONY. She is one of the people to participate in the Social Experiment.

    Beca Adams on this show is a rude, careless, and useless person on this show. She doesn't care about anybody on the show but herself. Sometimes she can say the most rudest person in a moment of disaster. For example two of the colonist had contracted the virus and when the whole cast was told she replied "well they really was not apart of the group anyway" and that's when she was known to not have a heart!!! They called her cold and they were exactly right , i think she should not do these things but you cannot hide who she truly is a heartless women.


    Wow was I disappointed in Becka!!! She started out SO cool and righteous. She more than pulled her weight and she wasn't a sissy...but toward the end she really showed her true colors. She was nasty to the Amber and then what she had to say when Amber and Michael got infected!? Low down, lack of the ability to attach to others in generallycategorizedas antisocial personality. THEN how she treats Deville at the end!? She literally kept "asking" him if he wanted to go because of his age. Despicable. She might want to remember how she defied instructions and went off by herself leading to her getting abducted... she was the weakest link left at the end, NOT Deville. Deville was a useful and truly righteous member of the "family"...she has no clue what it means to be a part of the family. I would have rated her a 1 because of her dangerous personality but she did try to pull her weight during the 50 days. She proved herself to to totally self serving.