Becky Hammon

Becky Hammon


3/11/1977, Rapid City, South Dakota

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Rebecca Lynn Hammon


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Rebecca "Becky" Hammon is an American professional basketball player from Rapid City, South Dakota. She played for the Rapid City Stevens High School Raiders in her teenage years before attending Colorado State University. Becky went undrafted her rookie season but later came back to play for the New York Liberty WNBA team.more


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    • Becky: (On the reveal of the list of potential USA women's basketball Olympians) When their list of 23 players came out, we're talking about 23 players, and I was not on that, that's a pretty strong statement that we're not considering you.

    • Becky: (On not being listed in Anne Donavan's pool of 21 Olympic candidates) That was a clear indication that I'm not being considered. I know they have a tough process and their decisions are not easy, but I don't agree with their decision and I know a lot of others who agree with me. But it's not my job. It's not my goal to take on USA Basketball. They have won gold after gold after gold. They have a system and that's it.

    • Becky: (On how it will feel playing with the Russian National team in the 2008 Olympics) It might be a little awkward at first, but when the ball goes up, you just play the game.

    • Becky: (On how her team will succeed) We have a lot of veterans on this team; we know what it's going to take. We're ready for battle ... I guarantee we are going to leave it out on the floor.

    • Becky: (Responding to the trade from New York to San Antonio) I received news of the trade at the same time all of you did and, to tell you the truth, I was equally surprised. New York City, the Garden, the fans, and my past and former teammates will always have a very special place in my heart, and for that I thank you all for making the past eight years so unbelievable for me.

    • Becky: (When asked what motivates her to run that extra mile in the morning) I think those are the times when you have to motivate yourself even more so. Those are times when you have to get up and go harder. Most of the time, once I get to the gym and have a good workout, I feel much better anyway, so knowing that, I don't like to skip it. If I do miss it, I know I'll feel worse later so I might as well go and do it in the first place. I guess just knowing how it's going to make me feel when I'm done. That sense of accomplishment. You get more energized when you work out. The end result motivates me.

    • Becky: The issue this year has been putting a 40-minute game together and we did that through the buzzer tonight. That's a quality team. They have veterans and Olympians. Had we let up for one or two minutes, this game could have been another story.

    • Becky: I needed to be more aggressive. You just want to stay in your stuff and get everybody involved. I try to be more aware and conscious of where my shots are and get ready to shoot.