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Belinda Emmett (born April 12, 1974) is an Australian television and film actress. Emmett married Australian television presenter Rove McManus in January 2005. She has recently fallen out of the media spotlight due to a second bout with cancer. She died by natural causes. She was 32 years of age.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Belinda's album, released after her death, debuted in the Top Ten of the ARIA charts. The proceeds from the album, titled So I Am, go to the McGrath Foundation, which raises money for breast care nurses.

    • Belinda was a big fan of Spicks & Specks, and even appeared on it with her husband Rove, prior to her death. This was also her final television appearance.

    • She is one of the many actors on All Saints to be promoted to a regular role after only having a recurring role.

    • Her unreleased song, Less Than Perfect, was played at her funeral.

    • Belinda's CD that she worked on from 2000 until a month before she died, in November 2006, was released in April 2007.

    • Before Belinda passed away, she recommended the book, You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler and praised it to be inspiring and informative.

    • In 1998, Belinda released a cover of Michael Jackson's Off the Wall.

    • In 1996, Belinda joined Home And Away as Rebecca and quickly won many fans.

    • When boyfriend Rove McManus won his first Logie for Most Popular Light Entertainment Program, he dedicated the award to his "partner in life and partner in crime", Belinda.

    • Belinda recorded a duet with Marcia Hines, who considered Belinda to be her best friend in the business.

    • After being diagnosed with secondary bone cancer in 2001, Belinda continued to work on an album, with all the songs written and performed by herself.

    • While filming The Nugget in Mudgee, NSW, Belinda experienced intense back pain and, after further tests, received the devastating news that she'd developed secondary bone cancer.

    • In 2001, Belinda won her first major movie role, playing Cheryl in The Nugget.

    • Belinda appeared as Jodi Horner in nine episodes of All Saints from 2000 to 2001.

    • In 1998, Belinda was diagnosed with breast cancer and took leave from Home And Away to undergo treatment. She left the series permanently the following year.

    • In 1999, Belinda was nominated for a Gold Logie for her role as Rebecca in Home And Away.

    • Belinda grew up in Umina Beach in New South Wales, Australia.

    • Belinda's big acting break came in 1994 when, at the age of 20, she landed the role of Tracy Russell in the sitcom Hey Dad..!

    • Belinda's husband, Rove McManus cancelled his show Rove Live for the remainder of 2006, after Belinda, passed away on November 11, 2006 of secondary bone cancer.

    • Belinda sadly lost her eight-year battle against cancer when she died soon after dawn on November 11th, 2006, at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital. Her husband Rove McManus and her family were by her side.

  • Quotes

    • Belinda: I did acupuncture and was taking Chinese herbs while I was having chemotherapy and I found it to be extremely beneficial and definitely would like to pursue it further.

    • Belinda: (asked during a "60 minutes" chat what led her to look at alternative healing options) I found that conventional medicine didn't really offer me a lot of hope and so I investigated alternative therapies and a whole new world opened up to me that I never really knew existed. I've been to naturopaths, mora therapists (working with homeopathics), meditation, I've had vitamin injections, I take lots of supplements and things like that, exercise.

    • Belinda: I just want to thank everybody for their support, it's overwhelming and touching. I feel like I have my own cheer squad.

    • Belinda: (on coping with her illness in the public eye) It's a blessing and a curse. It's difficult, because my private life is open slather, but it's also wonderful to have a platform on which to stand and hopefully encourage and inspire other people in similar situations.

    • Belinda: Yes, I believe in God and yes I am a very spiritual person. I've found that over the last 12 months I've definitely built a relationship with a higher power.

    • Belinda: My parents brought me up to believe in myself and to believe that anything is possible. I think I've always just had a very strong sense of self and more so over the past few years.

    • Belinda: I think people underestimate the power that they have within themselves, I really do, and I think these kinds of challenges, they force you to look that little bit deeper and see what you're really made of. I always knew I was pretty strong. I've always been pretty gutsy and pretty ballsy, but I think I surprised myself this time around.

    • Rove: I don't know what I did to be given the gift of Belinda Emmett, but whatever it was, I am glad I did it.

    • Rove: (paying tribute to Belinda after winning three Logies in 2004) She turns the lemons in my life into lemonade.

    • Belinda: (at the 2003 Logies) I chose it [her dress] myself. Rove is actually quite colour-blind. He knows red, but he gets confused with blues and greens.

    • Belinda: (at the 1999 Logies when she was nominated for the Gold Logie) It's my 25th Birthday, and it's also one year since I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm so happy I'm healthy and I've made it this far. I have my whole life ahead of me.

    • Marcia Hines: She [Belinda] taught me how to be strong and to have a true heart.

    • Georgie Parker: (Belinda's co-star on All Saints) Everyone will remember Belinda for her kindness and wicked sense of humour. She was a beautiful girl who grew into a wonderful woman.

    • Simone Buchanan: My memories of Belinda are of much laughter. Her cheeky sense of humour was infectious, as was her courage and passion for life. I've never met a more positive or giving person.

    • Rove (announcing the cancellation of Rove Live for the rest of 2006 following the death of his wife Belinda Emmett): At the moment I have no plans for Rove Live for the rest of 2006. This is a very difficult period for all of us and some time away is the best thing for me right now.
      In the meantime I want to extend my sincerest thanks for all of your heartfelt messages and condolences. That Belinda meant so much to so many people, genuinely means a lot to me.