Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck


8/15/1972, Berkeley, California, USA

Birth Name

Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt


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Ben was born in Berkeley, California to a Scottish Protestant father and an Irish Catholic mother. He grew up in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area and attended college in Los Angeles at Occidental College. He currently resides in Santa Monica, California with his new bride, Jennifer Garner. They are…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2013, Ben won another Academy Award for Best Picture in his work on Argo.

    • In 1998, Ben won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in his work on Good Will Hunting.

    • Ben and his siblings moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts after their parents divorced when he was 11.

    • Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner welcomed their second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, born January 6, 2009 in Los Angeles.

      Garner and Affleck, both 36, are also parents to daughter Violet, 3.

    • In 1998, Ben won a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay-Motion Picture for Good Will Hunting. Ben has been nominated for two SAG awards. In 1998, he was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast for Good Will Hunting. In 1999 he won Outstanding Performance by a Cast for Shakespeare In Love. Ben has also been nominated for three Emmy awards. In 2002, 2004 and 2005 he was nominated for Outstanding Reality Program for his show Project Greenlight.

    • While Ben was directing the film Gone Baby Gone, police mistook him for a Boston drug dealer and he, along with some of the crew, were almost arrested.

    • Ben was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2007.

    • Ben and Jennifer Garner had their daughter baptised. Violet, who turned one on December 1, was baptised on Christmas Eve at the United Methodist Christ Church, in Charleston.

    • Ben wrote the introduction in the trade paper back of, Daredevil: Guardian Devil which contains Daredevil (Volume 2) #1–8.

    • Ben is a big Daredevil fan.

    • Ben was mentioned in I'll Sue Ya in "Weird Al" Yankovic's CD, Straight Outta Lynwood: with the lines... I sued Ben Affleck... Aw, do I even need a reason?

    • Ben has Scotish and English ancestry on his father's side of the family and Irish ancestry on his mother's side of the family.

    • Ben is reportedly leading a list of candidates to play '80s detective Magnum P.I in a movie version of the cult TV show.

    • Ben joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in South Park episode 101 entitled "Fat Butt and Pancake Head."

    • Ben recently listed his Los Angeles (Brentwood) home for sale for $4.99 million in December 2005, since he's currently residing with his wife, Jennifer Garner, and their baby. It is 4,500 square feet, and has five bedrooms. It also has partial ocean views.

    • Ben and his friend Matt Damon sold their Academy Award winning script Good Will Hunting for $600,000.

    • Ben was chosen as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2005.

    • Ben's teeth are capped.

    • When Ben was little, he asked his mom for a dog, and she tested him by making him walk an imaginary dog for a week. Ben only lasted for five days and didn't end up getting a real dog.

    • Ben was accidently knocked unconscious by football player Dana Stubblefield during the filming of Reindeer Games. Stubblefield slipped, and Affleck was knocked down. He was taken to the hospital, but fully recovered.

    • Ben owns vintage Ms. Pac-Man and Millipede video-arcade games.

    • Ben was fined $135 for driving in Massachusetts with a suspended license.

    • Ben runs an internet company with Matt Damon, LivePlanet.

    • In 2001, Ben booked himself into the Promises Rehab Center in Malibu, due to his battle with alcoholism.

    • Ben's movie Gigli, with former fiance Jennifer Lopez, has been called one of the worst movies of all time.

    • Ben's father once served as a janitor for M.I.T. This was also the job of the lead character in Good Will Hunting.

    • Ben attended Rindge And Latin High School with fellow actor Matt Damon.

    • Ben brought his mom as his date when he won his Academy Award for Good Will Hunting.

    • Ben's father, Tim, was an actor and director who worked and partied with Dustin Hoffman, and joined the Theatre Company Of Boston.

    • In 2006, Ben will begin directing his first feature, Gone, Baby, Gone, which is based on the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston area detectives investigating the kidnapping of a little girl.

    • Ben is an avid poker player, regularly entering local events. He has been tutored by poker professionals Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. He won the California State Poker Championship on June 20, 2004, taking home the first prize of $356,000, and qualifying him for the 2004 World Poker Tour final tournament.

    • Ben had a brief but high-profile romance with actress Gwyneth Paltrow following her breakup with Brad Pitt.

    • Ben currently resides in Santa Monica, California.

    • Anticipating the stress of having a child, Ben has already planned a romantic get-away for him and wife Jennifer Garner come April 2006, sans baby.

    • After Jennifer Garner mentioned seeing a beautiful $14,000 Sol Rafael diamond ring, Ben got his dad to hand-deliver the cash so he could get her the ring as quickly as possible.

    • Ben loves his Bentleys (cost: $167,000). He drives at least three different ones!

    • Ben invited Jennifer's mother, Pat, to be present for the birth of their first child.

    • Ben hoped to snag the role of James Bond in the next Bond movie, but he lost out.

    • Ben previously starred in ads for Burger King as a child actor and L'Oreal Elvive hair products in 2003.

    • Ben has signed a $1.8 million deal to be the face of popular British deodorant Lynx (August 2005). Lynx is the European name of the American brand, Axe body spray.

    • Ben wed actress Jennifer Garner on June 29, 2005 at a resort in the Caribbean.

    • Ben is 6'2".

    • Ben was engaged to pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. The high-profile couple was known as "Bennifer." Ben and wife Jennifer Garner are known as "Bennifer Part II."

    • Ben is a huge fan of his hometown team, the Boston Red Sox. Like most Sox fans, he can't stand the New York Yankees.

    • Ben's best friend is fellow actor and Bostonite Matt Damon.

  • Quotes

    • Ben: (on appearing in (his then fiancee) Jennifer Lopez's music video, 'Jenny From The Block') If I have a big regret, it was doing the music video. But that happened years ago. I've moved on. It not only makes me look like a petulant fool (to blame Lopez), but it surely qualifies as ungentlemanly? For the record, did she hurt my career? No.

    • Ben: (in 2007 about his toddler Violet) She's happy as hell. All I want to do is go home, just to be around her again.

    • Ben: (on his previous romance with Jennifer Lopez) It was probably bad for my career. What happens in this sort of bleed-over from the tabloids across your movie work. I ended up in an unfortunate crosshair position where I was in a relationship and the media mostly lied and inflated a bunch of salacious stuff for the sake of selling magazines. And I paid a certain price for that.

    • Ben: (revealing the movie "Smokin' Aces" made him quit smoking) The whole week that I shot, I smoked, like, five packs a day. By the time the movie was over, I was so sick of smoking, I just didn't want to do it anymore, and I quit.

    • Ben: Never film yourself having sex. You think you'll look powerful and vital, but you don't. You look like a sick, shivering polar bear.

    • Ben: On the night of the awards, I carried the Oscar around waist-high. I never had so many women ask me 'Can I touch it?' in my life. Sadly, they were talking about the statuette.

    • Ben: There is nothing worse that a thirteen-year-old boy. You're embarrassed by your parents, and you're trying to find your independance because, deep inside, you are so dependent on your mom.

    • Ben: Yes, I'm going to be the President of the United States. You know why? You think you can get chicks by being in the movies? You can really get chicks by being the President.

    • Ben: Rumors about me? Calista Flockhart, Pam Anderson, and Matt Damon. That's who I'm dating.

    • Ben: At a certain point, some things in your life shouldn't be used to sell movies. Hey, I have two sphincters! See my Movie!

    • Ben: Sometimes it's Britney Spears and sometimes it's Carrie Fisher. I can't tell if I've got a Lolita complex or an Oedipus complex.

    • Ben: If I ever woke up with a dead hooker in my hotel room, Matt would be the first person I'd call.

    • Ben: (on how he keeps in touch with his best pal) We have soup cans and a really long wire.

    • Ben: Robin [Williams] embraces it. He doesn't wax the back or anything; he's got a back fro.

    • Ben: (Red Sox fan Ben, on wearing a Yankees baseball shirt as payment for a contest he lost) It is harder for me to wear this than it would be for me to have sex with a man.

    • Ben: Well I've never used that phrase before, but yes she is bootylicious.

    • Ben: I flew back just in time to pick up a toilet seat for my girlfriend. It didn't go over that well. I thought, 'It's a famous thing. It should be treated well.'

    • Ben: I'm not entirely dim - I knew Gigli was dog sh*t.

    • Ben: I had Dare Devil, and then I had the Ishtar of this generation. That's how we should've sold it: 'A modern day Showgirls from the people that brought you Glitter--the film that no one will see.'

    • Ben: Matt and I have set a date. Matt and I will tie the knot New Years Day in the town of Swampscott, Massachusetts. Reserve your hotel rooms now. I will be having a gay marriage.

    • Ben: (after Arnold won Governor Elections) I suppose it means that if I did run for office, no one could say I was the worst actor ever to be elected.

    • Ben: (on joining a campaign to boost minimum wage) Perhaps the Senator saw my movie Gigli last fall and figured that I was soon to be working for minimum wage myself.

    • Ben: There's something really great and romantic about being poor and sleeping on couches.

    • Ben: (talking about Republican tax cut and The conservative commentator/gambler Bennett) Even if I save a million bucks, the deficit grows like William Bennett's credit line on a one-armed-bandit bender at Bally's.

    • Ben: (on his first colonic irrigation) I feel I lost my virginity that day in so many ways.

    • Ben: Kevin is my homosexual crush. If I were gay, the first guy I would sleep with is Kevin Smith. The second one would be Leo DiCaprio--but only for the long hair he had in The Man in the Iron Mask.

    • Ben: I'm certainly not Web-dexterous. I sort of fall around the Web; I don't surf it. I get dragged, and stumble. I heard there was a lot of porno stuff on the web. I looked for it and couldn't find it. Then I found this one site and it was 20 bucks a month! 20 bucks a month! Hustler's only $3.99. Come on, twenty bones?!

    • Ben Affleck: There are many dictators who are all ugly. It is not necessarily our job, because we are neither able to nor are we equipped to invade all of those countries, overthrow all of those dictators, sacrifice all of the lives of our friends, parents and children. So then we have to decide selectively how we exercise the power of our military.

    • Ben: (on changing daughter Violet's nappies): I'm not that good at it. I find the odor noxious.

    • Ben: Matt's so metro. He wears perfume a lot of the time. He won't go out without three different moisturisers that he has to put on.

    • Ben: My mother gets all mad at me if I stay in a hotel. I'm 31-years-old, and I don't want to sleep on a sleeping bag down in the basement. It's humiliating.

    • Ben: I'm not known for having great relationships with ex-girlfriends, but I've been able to continue one with Gwyneth that's really valuable.

    • Ben: I remember back when I was a kid there was a comic strip called Plastic Man. His body was elastic and he could make his extremeties as long as he wanted. As a youngster I didn't fully appreciate. But I'm now thinking Plastic Man was probably pretty popular with the ladies.

    • Ben: I kinda see my current position like this. Here's your five minutes in the toy store, so you gotta do all the good movies you can before Chuck Woolery rings the bell.

    • Ben: I'm always described as 'cocksure' or 'with a swagger' and that bears no resemblance to who I feel like inside. I feel plagued by insecurity.

    • Ben: I hate the whole reluctant sex-symbol thing. It's such bull. You see these dudes greased up, in their underwear, talking about how they don't want to be a sex symbol.

    • Ben: I'm not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It's not even fun sexually. I need to feel something for the woman and entertain the vain hope that it may lead to a relationship.

    • Ben: (During the 2004 Presidential Elections) People in my generation have a low voter turnout. One of the reasons that I'm here is to demonstrate that no matter who you are going to vote for- I think it's important to get involved and get out and vote- I'm going to tell people to vote for Gore.