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  • Amazing

    ben Affleck is an amazing actor, not only in his less well known movie roles, but in his highly acknowledged movie roles that have most been successful. What can I say he is a great gift to hollywood. He did a good job in Elektra. And he is a big Daredevil fan, how cna you not like a Daredevil fan? Probably one of the coolest actors in the generation. He is close to his friend Matt Damon who is also in the same generation as him. They ahve worked together in not much productions actually. Anyway, he's an amazing talent that wont be going away any time soon.
  • Ben Affleck...what can I say

    When I saw him the first time in Armaggedon I allready loved him insane!! But I think he did to many films, and also a lot of films that sucked. That\'s why he never become one of the alltime favorites. He should have pick less average movies and more blockbusters. But I always will love him, that\'s for sure!
  • empty

    Ben Affleck is an extremely talented actor in that he has been able to pull off every type of roll imaginable. His best role has to be that of Matt Damon's sidekick in "Good Will Hunting." Their interaction in that movie makes you think that you are right there in South Boston hanging out with them.
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    He is a amazing actor. I liked him in Armageddon, Daredevil, and Goodwill Hunting.
    If people think he is bad, ignore the opinions. Stay entitled to your good opinion. He is amazing!
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    I first started liking Ben in the Kevin Smith movies (Mallrats first). The thing that sealed the deal was his hilarity in the audio commentaries for those films.

    More importantly, it seems that as of late, it's been in fashion to hate Ben. He's a talented performer, even though he has made some mistakes recently...

    His performance in Hollywoodland is phenominal. I was so happy when he was nominated for a Golden Globe for it. I only hope he continues making smart decisions and is in the business for a long, long time.
  • I think he is a really good actor. He has just been labled because of the Gigli fiasco. I think it is not fair. One of my favorite movies of him is Pearl Harbor. I also liked Jersey Girl a lot

    I think he is a really good actor. He has just been labeled because of the Gigli fiasco. I think it is not fair.
    One of my favorite movies of him is Pearl Harbor. I also liked Jersey Girl a lot... Give the movie a chance, it's good. Just because Gigli's script wasn't good at all doesn't mean he's a bad actor.
  • what an actor,what a gorgeous man

    this is the best all time actor,sham on the people who put him down.he is also the most gorgeous man bad he got married,beat he has broke alot of ladys hearts now that he is taken.i know he has mine.not only can this guy act but he has the most beautiful eyes and smile i have ever every movie he ever made,infact watching one now.this guy has it all looks talent.hope to see him in more new movies.hope to see him in some new movies soon,cant get enough of ben affleck.what a lucky lady his new wife is.god i wish i was her.
  • empty

    Great actor, I like some movies like "Chasing Amy", "Armageddon" or "Shakespeare in Love" and I must say that he is a very good actor, and he is someone who takes almost every role. I have seen some of his movies and his style, and I must say that I did not really think he was a good actor, but eventually change my mind, he is good.
  • Ben Affleck is considered one of the best known actors of his generation, but he has yet to sink his teeth into that 'role of a lifetime'.

    Everyone knows who Ben Affleck is. If you didn't know who he was before Jennifer Lopez, you knew who he was afterwards. There's probably a lot of people out there who, after all that publicity, were more familiar with Ben's romantic life than they were their own.

    The downside of Ben Affleck is that he's constantly being cast in the same role in his bigger movies, and carries the same personality from film to film. Strangely, one of the best performances Affleck has given in recent years was in Surviving Christmas, a film that seems to have been almost universally panned. Affleck's portrayal of the desperate, neurotic and incredibly annoying Drew Latham rings true.

    An actor reaches his pinnacle when he can make the viewer feel for the character, be it extreme love, extreme hate, or even pity. Drew Latham was a character to be pitied, because by the end, viewers could actually see his side of things. This is as opposed to almost every other Affleck film, where there is so little personality for Affleck's characters that, in most cases, his character could disappear altogether and viewers would neither know nor care.

    That said, there is part of the film world that Ben has basically avoided up until this point -- playing the bad guy. He's been a bit of a jerk in a couple of the Kevin Smith films, but he's never started bad and ended bad -- real, real bad -- in any major film. He's always misunderstood, misdirected, or what-have-you. Affleck's success in playing the jerk indicates that he may be able to play a bad guy to perfection. Look at John Travolta -- when he's good, he's very very good, but when he's bad, he's so much better.

    Perhaps that can be the next great thing we'll see from Mr. Affleck -- him playing the ultimate villain. Until then, unfortunately, he'll always be a mediocre player in the Hollywood world -- one who isn't given the meaty roles, and one who the public will never really know if he can handle them.
  • Love him and his wife together.

    Great actor/director/writer.
  • Not my favorite

    I know everyone thinks Ben is SO hot but eye candy is about all that he is good for. I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie I actually liked. He is in way to many movies that bomb. Sure he dated J. Lo and is best friends with Matt Damon but he isn't the best actor. Maybe if he did a movie that is out long enough for me to blink and not miss it but until then, he's not on my A-list.