Ben Bailey (II)

Ben Bailey (II)


10/30/1970, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Benjamin Ray Bailey


  • Contestant Pam Weinstock and Host of Cas...
  • Contestant Pam Weinstock and Host of Cas...
  • Ben Bailey on Cash Cab from Season 2.
  • Ben Bailey on Cash Cab from Season 2.
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Ben Bailey was born in Chatham, New Jersey on October 30, 1970. He went to Los Angeles in the year of 1993. At six feet six inches he was offered a job as a bouncer. According to Ben Bailey, he was telling stories with some comedians after-hours. Some…more


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    • [On the people who get in the Cash Cab]
      Ben Bailey: Some people are suspicious, some people just don't believe me. Then other people think that it's something I just set up myself as a joke, even after they see all the lights and everything.

    • [The first time he met Sarah Silverman]
      Ben Bailey: The first time I met her, I just walked in and said "Hello," and she was like "Do you wanna kiss on the mouth?" And she's a gorgeous girl and I didn't know anything about her. I was like "sure," so we just kind of made out...that's really the only interaction I've had with her. You know, we'll say hello from time to time, now she knows who I am, and I know who she is.

    • [On doing dark humor]
      Ben Bailey: I don't want my act to be that. My goal is to have my act be completely unique. There's plenty of guys doing dark and nasty stuff. I just really don't want the audience of a dark/nasty act- the following. If you have a mean routine, you're gonna get an audience that digs that kind of [expletive deleted]... I don't want to see those people every day.

  • I saw Ben Bailey in Reading,Pa. on Friday night 03/20/09

    what a funny guy...a true up front person who is willing to spend time with his fans...i saw the cash cab show with tiki barber's agent on it...i gave him a barber jersey and he could not thank me enough...he will sign autographs and share stories with you after the show...his quick thinking makes his show even more funny...please do not try to heckle him or he will rip you apart...the man knows alot about birds and stones...if you ever get a chance to see his stand-up show jump on it...i can only hope i can get the chance to see him again...what a great story teller...moreless
  • He's funny, charming and so bad he's married. He could wisk me away anytime....

    I love Cash Cab. Not just because it is entertaining, but there is just something about Ben's personality that just clicks with me. I could watch him for hours and hours and never get tired of that wittiness! Not bad to look at either. I wish his biography had more info about his personal life, like family, what he likes to do in his free time, music he listens to and more.

    Ben is definately the spark to what makes Cash Cab tick. Without him it just wouldnt be the same. I would love to see him star in a comedy, I think he would be great!moreless