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  • I saw Ben Bailey in Reading,Pa. on Friday night 03/20/09

    what a funny guy...a true up front person who is willing to spend time with his fans...i saw the cash cab show with tiki barber's agent on it...i gave him a barber jersey and he could not thank me enough...he will sign autographs and share stories with you after the show...his quick thinking makes his show even more funny...please do not try to heckle him or he will rip you apart...the man knows alot about birds and stones...if you ever get a chance to see his stand-up show jump on it...i can only hope i can get the chance to see him again...what a great story teller...
  • He's funny, charming and so bad he's married. He could wisk me away anytime....

    I love Cash Cab. Not just because it is entertaining, but there is just something about Ben's personality that just clicks with me. I could watch him for hours and hours and never get tired of that wittiness! Not bad to look at either. I wish his biography had more info about his personal life, like family, what he likes to do in his free time, music he listens to and more.
    Ben is definately the spark to what makes Cash Cab tick. Without him it just wouldnt be the same. I would love to see him star in a comedy, I think he would be great!
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    I just recently came across cash cab and I am hooked. Ben Bailey is perfect for this show. Ben, keep up the great job and hope you are on discovery's cash cab a long time!
  • He is an excellent host for Cash Cab and an inspired choice.

    Ben is the perfect host for this show (Cash Cab). He has the look of a New York Cabbey and the humor to go with it.

    Ben is able to use his background as a stand up comic to keep the show moving and light. He is excellent with the quick repost and ad-lib when a contestant gets a question right or wrong.

    He is able to build the suspense before acknowleging a right or wrong answer. One of his greatest characteristics is that even when he throws a contestant out on the street, he is able to make them feel good.

    Ben makes this show work.
  • Hot, hot, hot!!! And he's not married anymore! ;) And my God, what a body. Have you seen him when he steps out of the cab!?! My only complaint about Cash Cab is that Ben's shirts aren't tight enough. Hopefully 'Who's Still Standing' will improve upon that


    when it airs this fall.

    We love you Ben. We'd love to see you as Jack Reacher. Who isn't tired of that strange little Tom Cruise. I mean, he was cute when he was younger, but now he's just a tiny weirdo. I like my men big and tall and strong like 6'6" Ben, and hilarious to boot.

    Love your stand up. One of the few truly talented comedians currently performing. Just so witty. My sides and cheeks hurt at the end of one of your shows.