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  • I should also add talented and handsome to that.

    I have a reason for not giving him a perfect ten, but the reason is dumb.

    I first discovered Ben in the beginning of 2008. I was watching previews, and saw something called "Prince Caspian." Then I learned it was the new "Chronicles of Narnia" movie. I didn't want to see the first, but figured I would keep watching. I am glad I did. When Prince Caspian came on the screen, I said, "Wow." After a month, I started doing research on him, and only a few weeks after that started becoming a fan.

    Ben is a talented individual. He's a good actor. (Might become my favorite) And in his dirty little secret career, a boy band called Hyrise, he was honestly the best singer of the 4. (I always feel for him when they play clips of him performing cause it embarrassed him so much. Nothing is more humiliating than being in a boy band) In the interviews I watch with him, he is funny, smart, and charming. I love his positive attitude (which is a first for me) and his outlook. He seems down to earth, and I hope that lasts. (He is a bright rising star, and hopefully the fame doesn't go to his head as it does with others) Ben is also very handsome. He looks like the type of guy I'm into - tall, dark, handsome, skinny, and pale. He also went to college, and since many in show biz seem not to, that impresses me.

    I know I am forgetting to mention a lot of other things to say about the lovely Ben Barnes, but this could be a summary. He is the first person in show biz I ever came to like so quickly. I can't wait to what Ben all has to offer. I know it is a lot.