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  • He Was Amazing On Rookie Blue

    Ben Bass is an uber talented actor. His facial expressions can tell a story better than words ever could. It's all in his eyes!!! He is definitely a very underrated actor
  • I loved Ben Bass on Rookie Blue and also in other roles he has played.


    Ben Bass is an amazing actor and I love how he has done many diverse roles. I first saw him on Rookie Blue, and loved him on that. After exploring other roles I began to appreciate just how talented he is. One of my other favourite roles, Sam Swarek being number 1, is as Jamie on Would be Kings. I think when he acts you can see that he is very invested in the roles he plays and that he is very passionate about his work. One thing that Ben does well is expressional acting (if that is actually a real term?). Even if he's not saying anything in one moment, you can look at his expression and tell a lot, as well as with body language. I think many actors are just good with the words and the voice, but you have to completely embody the character, which Ben does so well. I think that Rookie Blue would definitely not be the same without Ben playing Sam Swarek and that the show would probably lose many viewers if he stopped playing that role. I would love to see Ben in a play, seeing as he loves Shakespeare, or in a major role in a film.

  • I just saw him in a performance of King Lear and not only is he good looking he was a very talented actor. He was the best of the whole play!

    I hope that he is in more shows! I had also seen him in Monk and he was very good in that as well. I have not seen him in any other thing but I'm sure he has done just as well in them as both Monk and King Lear!
  • Aside from being great looking, Ben Bass is an extremely talented actor!

    Watching Ben Bass in Rookie Blue, is like reading a book. All he has to do is appear on the screen and you know exactly what his character is thinking and feeling to the extent that you can write down every word! Ben Bass doesn't need a heavy dialogue to get his character's emotions or thoughts across the screen. His facial expressions say it all! I look forward to watching him in his current and future projects.