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  • Underrated, under-appreciated, underused

    Ben Browder is one of those actors that Hollywood just doesn't get. A classically trained actor, his talent is above and beyond anything Tom or Brad or Colin or many other overpaid, overrated actors could even dream of. As a person, Browder is private and protective of his personal life but willing to attend fan conventions like the Farscape convention or Comic Con to meet his fans and enjoy their company.

    As an actor Browder is not afraid to take chances with his characters. He becomes so immersed in his characters at times that people mistake the characters' shortcomings as Browder's shortcomings.

    For folks who think Browder is not in the league of excellent actors present and past maybe they can explain why his name is carved into the steps of his drama school (by the drama school administration) along with other acting greats who attended the school such as Judy Dench and Laurence Olivier. Unlike a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which has to be lobbied for and bought, this is a true honor by his peers at London's Central School of Speech and Drama.

    In a fair world, Ben Browder would be on top of the Hollywood hill but being the genuinely down-to -earth person he is, he might be just as happy where he is; working at what he loves and providing for his family.
  • Ben gives his ALL!!

    Ben Browder gives his ALL, totally immersing himself in any character he plays. In particular I would draw your attention to the role of John Crichton in Farscape. From the innocent IASA astronaut in Season 1, to the tortured soul in Season 2 - 3, to the ultimate sacrifices in S4, to a happy ending (for now) in PKW miniseries. Ben is a very talented actor, strives to be a perfectionist, a deeply devoted family man, all that and easy on the eyes to boot. He could make reading the phone book a pleasurable experience! Looking forward to his misscellany of future projects.
  • He didn't REPLACE Richard Dean Anderson.....

    A lot of people think that ben browder replaced r d a on stargate sg1 , but i don't he did seeing how r d a was a general, and is still in some shows in seasons 9 and 10. think that ben browder adds a different level of...somethying to the show. i think that he is a very original actor and a very good one. his character on farscape wasn't really alot different than Col Mitchell on SG1 but he plated them very different.i like ben browder better than Claudia black for joining SG1 because i just don't like Black's personality, i don't really like Chris Judges either but don't tell him that.ben browder is an excellent actor and an excellent addition to SG1.later.
  • Ben Browder is an accomplished actor and a genuinely interesting man to interview.

    Ben Browder in a genuinely nice man and very articulate. He always has a good grasp of what he wants to see for any character he plays. He has a unique style and brings a very down to earth way of interacting with his co-stars, no ego issues.

    He is very striking looking and his eyes are very compelling. He has a genuinely nice smile and has a good grasp of how to use body language to bring life to a character he has been asked to play.

    I think he is really beginning to stand out in his role of Cameron Mitchell this year on Stargate: SG-1
  • Ben is the greatest actor of all time!!

    I first discovered Ben on a TV movie called "Secrets" many years ago. He was much younger and had a supporting role. I thought to myself, what a wonderful and talented (good looking) actor. He had everything you could possibly want as a leading actor. I thought, he would definately eventually get a starring role on a show. After that I forgot about him... Many years past, and I was into my favorite show, "Farscape". It was about the second or third season, when I was flicking the TV and saw the movie "Secrets" was on. I thought to myself, what ever happened to that wonderful, gorgeous actor I saw years ago? To my surprise, it was none other than "my" Ben. I was so proud.

    What more can you want? He's talented (I can believe any character he portrays is really him), funny (he has such a wonderful sense of humor, I can laugh for hours), witty (his personal remarks when he is being interviewed and the way he portrays a role), handsome (oh, yes he is manly, those features, those bedroom eyes, those lips!!), sexy (what a body! His biceps, that well formed chest!).

    I hope when Stargate is over he gets another show fast (hopeful in a scifi show!). Scifi is where is does his BEST work). (He likes scifi too!). I will miss not seing him every week in my bedroom. I NEED my Ben fix! When god made Ben, he broke the mold, 'cause no one should look THAT good!
  • What can I say Ben can steal our hearts!

    Ben Broder my favorite tv actor of all time has more talent than i have ever seen in anyone! This man can do so much more! I would love to see him in a comic book movie such as Marvels X-Men as Gambit! I think he would make an awesome Gambit with his sarcastic attitude and sexy way of speaking! To me he is just amazing in Stargate but fantastic in my all time favorite show Farscape! He looks amazing in leather and cotton! You got to love this man! He and Claudia just have this great chemistry on screen! I wish i was her! hehehehe I had to put that in there! Ben Broder is the wave to the future in tv and dont be suprised when you see him in a wide release movie because im telling you hes got the stuff stars are made of!
  • Absolutely loved his character in Farscape, John Crichton. No one else could have possible played this part the way he did.

    I had never actually heard of Ben Browder until I tuned into Farscape. I didn't know what to expect nor had I ever heard of the show, but once I saw Mr Browder play the part of John Crichton I abosolutely fell in love with the character. His smart ass attitude with a heart of gold won me over from the start. As a man far from home without knowing how to get back he gave the character charm and vulnerability but kept the he-man image going on. Particularly loved the scenes between him and Claudia Black as they had great on-screen chemistry. He should still be playing this part now as this was definitely made for him.
  • He is one he best actors i have seen act. He makes Farscape have better scenes. Everytime there is a scene with Ben in it he makes it a joy to watch. Not also in Farscape is Ben wonderful to see he is also brilliant in Stargate SG1

    I have seen Ben acting in many things. The first time i saw him was in the film Memphis Belle. He as only in it for about 2 minutes. Then when i heard about Farscape showing on my local TV Station i couldnt believe how wonderful he was at acting. In all his interviews for Farscape he was wonderful he seems a very nice person. The best scenes are when he is doing the scenes he makes them funny and very interesting to watch. With all this I find him my best and favourite actor by far. i always keep a look out of what he is doing in films wise. hes Great
  • Farscape wouldn't have been the same without Browder.

    I am from Belgium and the very excellent series Farscape got never aired in my country.
    So I first saw Ben Browder on Stargate SG-1, my personal favorite show. I was disappointed about Richard Dean Anderson leaving the show, and thought: "Damn, they replace him with some cheap guy!" But then I realized, Ben Browder brought a whole new flair to the series. His coolness, different kind of Humor and wit are just a few of those qualities. I finally liked the Character of Cameron Mitchell a lot. Season 9 and 10 of Stargate just wouldn't have been that good without him.

    But then I came across the amazing series Farscape! This is Science Fiction at its best! And Ben Browder's performance in this show is just tremendous! I liked everything about his Character John Crichton! How he ends up in another part of the galaxy and has to learn everything anew. Humanity are small children in this vast galaxy and nobody could have played this learning human better than Ben Browder. Furthermore his interaction with Claudia Black in Farscape was truly excellent! Though that chemistry unfortunately didn't find its way into Stargate! I'm sad that both Farscape and Stargate SG-1 are over. I hope Browder will get a new show, where he can prove once more his talents! And i especially hope that it will be Scifi!

  • His great acting makes you believe that his characters are real. He makes you forget reality.

    He is one of the best actors out there.
    As John Crichton in Farscape he surprised us all as he showed everyone that he wasn't just another good pretty face that decided to try acting. He proved himself to be an amazing actor. Playing John Crichton had to be a challenge: a man that finds himself in a totally different part of the universe surrounded by strange aliens and not knowing if he could ever get home again. That isn't something an actor usually plays but Ben did it and did it better than any other actor would have done.
    Ben is the combination of great looks and lots of tallent.
    Now he made his way to Stargate SG-1 where he plays lieutant colonel Cameron Mitchell and I'm sure that he will make us go to other worlds again.
  • A truly incredible actor!

    I loved Farscape and I love Stargate even more - and it's AWESOME that my two all time favourite shows both star Ben Browder now as Stargate gets ready to *hurry up and* air Season 10! Ben is a truly talented actor and I love watching him in the science fiction shows because I really am a science fiction fan! I wish the absolute best in the future and I hope to see Stargate continue running for a really long time because I HATE it when shows end - it's never a good thing. Here's to Ben Browder and the future.
  • This person seems to have incredible stamina and life ...

    I have never seen a man who inspires you to live life 100% and going over ... I personally enjoyed his role from Farscape, he was brilliant. I waited for each episode impatiently praying for his character and Claudia Black's character (Aeryn Sun) to finally fall in love and admit it. His perspective on the world in Farscape showed me, that it doesn't matter how worse a situation goes, if you have a good spirit and you fight, even impossible situations became possible. His role from Stargate demonstrated once again an incredible character. Keep it up, Ben!
  • He is one of my favorite sci-fi actors, he has a special charm and good humor sense, he can make you feel like its real, I think the bes part he has yet played wos in Farscape were he showed hes best acting skills.

    Ben Browder is were skillfull actor whos best roles have been in sci-fi series "Farscape" and "Stargate SG-1". Hes preformance has allways been perfect, he can play any role he is needed, but i personally love his humor in television. To me he has shown a lot of talent and i hope he will be acting a long time beacuse watching him on tv makes lot of people happy. He really can make you feel like youre there, right beside him and that sci-fi is is out there. I will enjoy watching him in "Stargate SG-1" and hope that he may play many different roles on tv history.
  • wow

    I had no idea he would do such a great job replacing RDA, although from watching Farscape I guess I should have.. funny Ironic Intelligent handsome.. if any one can fill Rda's shoes it is Browder,, in fact I find myself Liking Mitchell as much as I ever liked O'Neill
  • Good ol' boy actor with great comedic timing

    I really like Ben Browder. Since I first saw him in the pilot episode of Farscape, he has consistently displayed a sharp wit and screen charisma that just can't be beat. Pair him with almost anybody, and the results remain the same: Great! I now enjoy his work on Stargate SG-1, where he is teamed with Beau Bridges (great work!) and his made-in-heaven screen partner, Claudia Black. These three have successfully revived this 10-year old series, breathing new wonder into the show. Browder, especially, is filling a gap where Richard Dean Anderson used to be, and does it even better, in my opinion. When the series ends this season, I hope there are plans for more Browder screen appearances. I will certainly tune in for them.
  • Go Ben GO

    I miss Ben, I have always enjoyed his performances and humor. His most stand-out role, of course, was John Crichton in Farscape. In Farscape he was a lost man in the first season and by the second season he was knowledgeable, strong and very humorous. This became the core of his character throughout the series and whenever given the chance he even amped up the sexuality, something most Sci-Fi shows lack dearly.

    Later, he was cast in Stargate SG1 but was never really the same or I never felt like he gave the same "quality" of performances as he did in Farscape.
  • average...

    Ben Browder played Colonel Mitchell in Stargate SG-1 and he also played the main character in Farsacpe. I have never seen Farscape so I am judging Ben Browder's acting talents solely on his performances in Stargate. Honestly, I don't think he's that good. He's very mediocre and average. His character, Mitchell, is like a O'Neill wannabe. He has a dry humor and he just doesn't act well. I think if they had a better actor playing the character it would be better, but he's just annoying. His voice is abnoxious and his acting isn't good. I will have to admit that he's cute, but that's about it. He's just average and I don't think he has enough talent to get any more acting jobs.