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  • Makes Russell look like an angel. Racist, macho, sexist, pig!

    Russell may be an entertaining jerk, but he comes off a bit likable. But Ben I have everything to say negative about him. As he is really nothing but a racist, hateful, sexist, macho pig. And glad that he has lasted only three shows. Because even Russell, his closest ally voted him out. As he told Jasmine that she could go eat ketchup sandwiches and drink kool-aid. The guy was nothing more but a bully and also made himself the first ever person kicked out of Surviovr. He really shouldn't be having a job and hopefully people will see this show. And see that he is such a loser. Sure he may not care. But somewhere, somehow down the line, he will be left with nothing nor nobody for that matter by his side. Really feel bad for the jerk!