Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels


6/10/1964, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

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Law & Order: UK actor Ben Daniels was born in Nuneaton (Warwickshire, England) on June 10, 1964. His training as an actor included three years at the London Academy of Music and Drama Arts (LAMDA).

Ben is very active in the theatre life especially in the National Theatre; he…more


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    • Ben: (On how he perceived the Tony Awards and their significance) It's really hard to be British and say everyone is way too excited and excitable about the whole thing, but then they have no Arts Council here, and they need them for their productions to survive. It's all about business.

    • Ben: (On the play Les Liaisons Dangereuses and his character Valmont) It's so brilliantly written and complex that you can bring your own Valmont to it. I went back to the novel, so both Rickman and Malkovich's performances are completely different to how I do him.

    • Ben: (On why he thinks funding for arts program in school shouldn't be cut) I'm a great candidate for why arts funding shouldn't be cut, because I had no experience other than what was at school. I'm from a working-class town-there were no theaters, and the cinema closed when I was a kid. So all we had was bad TV, really. Anything that gave me a voice or a way to express myself I went running headlong toward.

    • Ben: (On homophobia in the film and television industry) Homophobia is still shockingly prevalent in film and TV. I know I've lost work because of being gay, and it is always an issue. Even on a serious BBC2 drama there will be some suit in some office going, "Hmmm, isn't he a poof?" I don't consider myself politically gay, but whenever I catch a whiff of that now, I'm on it like a ton of bricks.

    • Ben: (On working with kids in Who killed Mrs De Ropp?) It was great being subversive with them. I was whipping them up into a huge frenzy of overexcitement and the chaperones loathed me but they couldn't tell me off. I stopped them from doing their schoolwork and I was a terrible influence but you need a bit of subversion in your life as a child.

    • Ben: (On having to call his parents after a tabloid had revealed he was gay) I had never actually discussed being gay with my parents, just because we don't have a very close emotional relationship; I had to phone them then, to warn them not to buy the papers, not to get angry, to tell them that not all of it was true. It's your family who get hurt by that stuff.

    • Ben: (On what kind of person he is) I don't think of myself as being troubled as a human being, but I guess I'm quite extreme, quite big and quite loud, and maybe people pick up on that when they cast me. I'm certainly not the quiet reflective type. I don't think I'll ever play Hamlet. My Hamlet would probably kill everybody.

    • Ben: (On why he accepted the role of the narrator in Who Killed Mrs De Ropp?) I'm very drawn to BBC3 and BBC4 projects because they are so experimental and not hugely reliant on audience figures and the budgets are very small so it's like guerrilla filmmaking. You all get together and go crazy for two weeks and work really hard and get something interesting at the end so I really wanted to be a part of it. Also I loved the style of storytelling to the camera and the period feel.

    • Ben: (Speaking of his leopard co-star in Passion in the Desert) The second time we met, Mowgli nipped me. He wasn't being aggressive, but there were teeth marks on my arm after he was pulled off.

    • Ben: (On the reaction he gets meeting his audience concerning his character Finn Bevan in Cutting it) People loved it, and even though I was playing a villain, I didn't get people giving me hateful vibes, they took it in a light, humorous way; I had women giving me their phone numbers, one even chased me round a supermarket!

    • Ben: (On working in theater) It's tough and keeps you on your toes as an actor. I think it's really hard to do a show every night and keep it alive but it's a real challenge.

    • Ben: (On what show he would have liked to guest star in)
      Six Feet Under
      if it was still on, that was the best TV programme of all time, or Deadwood, any of those HBO shows I just love, I think they are great. I would love to play a villain in those. I'd also love to do Doctor Who and be a baddie, I would love to stride around in a pair of big leather trousers. I love Russell T Davies' writing I am such a fan. I got offered Torchwood but the part was too nice, I wanted to play someone nasty, bring on the teeth!

    • Ben: (On the writer of Cutting it and how his character Finn Bevan has evolved from the first to the second series) Finn is a fantastic character to play, I've always really loved Debbie Horsfield's writing. She's changed our characters a lot this year, they're still essentially the same people, but it's really clever the way she's moved everyone on.

    • Ben: (On having Footballers' Wives and Sex and The City nights with the feminine cast from Cutting It) The things I heard, it was like when a lot of men get together and talk about women. Not for the faint-hearted!

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