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  • deanna

    miss Fred
  • A very talented comedic actor

    I saw him on Living a with Fran. He was really funny. He has great timing. He also has a terrific chemistry with Fran Drescher. He's one of those comedians who can say so much with a sardonic look. Like Jon Stewart. He was great in the episode where Riley left Fran. He was very long suffering as Fran talked to him without regard to how inappropriate it was to talk so candidly in front of her son. It was hysterical.

    I also so a preview of When do we eat. He seemed really funny. He is also very good looking. I know that Riley was supposed to be the hunk, but Josh really had much more stage presence.
  • How Handsome and Talented is Ben!!!!!

    When I first saw Ben Feldman - I instantly fell in love with his looks and talent. Honestly, what is there not to like. He is really a great actor and should make it big one day!
    Playing Adam on the Perfect Man was such a good role for him, he did a great job! I wished I was Hilary Duff a bit as he kisses her :P!
    But, anyway, he is such a brilliant actor, who lights up the screen! He is talented and if you don't know who he is - see the movie The Perfect Man - its really good!
    Great Work Ben! And hehehe I'd like to meet u anyday so Come to Australia :P!! Love Elodie!
  • Talented & Gorgeous

    I first learned of Ben Feldman from his current role on "Living With Fran" as Fran's son. I instantly thought he was gorgeous and from then on out began to watch the show on a weekly basis! Putting aside his looks his acting skills are quite impressive, to say the least. I think he plays his role well, his character really seems to fit him. I hope to see Ben Feldman as a lead role in a upcomming movie sometime soon, perhaps a romantic comedy. To sum it all up, Ben Feldman is nothing shy of gorgeous and a very talented actor. I eagerly look forward to seeing more of his work in the near future!