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  • Only dude who's ever given me a hint i could go bi!

    And i mean, i am just honest, since i know very well how much i adore the ladies, God bless them!

    But this incredibly talented actor could have made me consider a wild night of debauchery, as long as i could bring a girlfriend, that is.. Jokes aside, this man is always the best part of the movie! He should be one of the biggest stars, well for me he is anyway! Talent, class, charisma, real acting chops, sensibility. What else?
  • talented actor...

    Ben Foster is a very talented actor. Most recentley he played Charlie in 3:10 to Yuma and he did an amazing job. He was really creepy and was a great character. I really enjoyed his role in the movie and it made it all the better. I've also seen Ben Foster as Angel in X -Men: The Last Stand and he did a pretty good job as that character. Angel had a very small part so Foster couldn't really do much with his character. Overall, he is a very talented actor and I can't wait to see him in something else.
  • A great actor.

    Ben Foster is an amazing actor. From his Kounterfeit days to X-men to 30 Days of Night days, he is a well rounded actor. I love his performance in X-menWarren Worthington also known as Angel. His performance was amazing in X3: X-men The Last Stand. His character was fulfilled and played the character with great intensity. I love him!! He is a great actor. He is also good looking and hot. His passion for acting was discovered early on, and after starring in the title role in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" put on by one of the community theaters, he wrote, directed, and starred in his own play at the age of twelve, a play that won second place in an international competition.