Ben Garant

Ben Garant


9/14/1970, Cookville, Tennessee

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Robert Ben Garant
  • Ben Garant as Deputy Travis Junior
  • The cast of Reno 911.
  • The cast of Reno 911.
  • The cast of Reno 911.
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    • [On if it is easier to write a character that he'll be playing]
      Ben Garant: We don't really write stuff. It is easier, when you come up with a joke, to fill it out, though if you know what the character's reaction is going to be. Jokes are easy. Coming up with decent, likable characters is hard, especially on paper.

    • [His thoughts on Viva Variety]
      Ben Garant: Viva lasted way longer than The State did. It had way more viewers, almost twice as many. I meet just as many Viva fans as State fans. They're just older, and don't start Websites. If I could do one of the shows again, I'd definitely do Viva.

    • [On why he thinks Reno 911 has caught on, where his other shows haven't]
      Ben Garant: In sketch comedy, people had characters that they loved and characters that they didn't love, but the characters never came back. But for Reno, I feel like we've stumbled on characters we really like. It's still basically a sketch show, but you have these main guys that you can pick a favorite one and grab onto and watch, so I think that's a big part of it.

    • [On if it's harder to re-write a script]
      Ben Garant: Oh no, it's great. Thinking up jokes is easy, it's thinking up characters and plot that's hard. When you're just there to think up jokes, it's great.

    • [On fans of The State]
      Ben Garant: You could tell a State fan as soon as they start walking towards you because they all have goatees and you can smell the bongwater on them. They walk up in their Phish t-shirts and go 'Oh man, Doug rocks!'

    • [On if he thinks The State will ever be reran or released on DVD]
      Ben Garant: I personally doubt they will ever be aired again, or come out on DVD. MTV doesn't have the rights to clear the music, and almost every Sketch had a top 10, 95 hit in it. They could do sound alikes, but that would be totally lame. Pants without Cannonball by the Breeders just isn't Pants.

    • [On what he and Thomas Lennon wrote for Starsky & Hutch]
      Ben Garant: When they disguise themselves as mimes because we have a thing for cops dressed as mimes. We did the whole last car chase and the plot of exchanging cars for cash. The dumbest jokes in there. Also a lot of the Huggy Bear stuff like 'I know some people that know some people that robbed some people.

    • [On the idea for Night at the Museum]
      Ben Garant: The thing that really grabbed us is that we both had the same dream as kids of hiding out in the museum and getting a chance to see what happens in there after it closes. I think lots of kids, not to mention plenty of adults, have had that same dream. To be there alone in the dark with all those legends of history and all those humongous creatures would be the ultimate adventure.