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Ben Gordon grew up in Mount Vernon and played for St. Ursula/Mount Vernon Jr. Knights. He played college basketball at Connecticut, Gordon was the leading scorer for the 2004 NCAA champions. After that season he declared himself eligible for the 2004 NBA draft, and was selected third overall…more

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    • Gordon: Other people may be surprised, but I always thought I should go No. 1.

    • Gordon: We just didn't get the job done.

    • Gordon: We just didn't get the job done.

    • Gordon: I would say I made a name for myself my sophomore year of high school. I went to the Five-Star Basketball Camp and just killed everybody out there. I went there unknown and came back with a buzz.

    • Gordon: I had a lot of good games in the Garden, whether it was high school or the NBA, but the biggest was during the Big East Tournment in 2004.

    • Gordon: I had a lot of good games in the Garden, whether it was high school or the NBA, but the biggest was during the Big East Tournment in 2004.

    • Gordon: In high school, I was always in competition with Jules (Denver Nugget Julius Hodge). Whatever he did one game, I would try to outdo the next game. That's that competitive nature I was talking about. Being from New York you always want to be the best. Some people hate because where out there trying to be the best, but it is what it is.

    • Gordon: Chicago. Definitely. They're sort of like New York with the tough play. Just being in that city over the past year, I got see Chicago differently and how they play. They're definitely putting themselves out there.

    • Gordon: Well being from New York, players like me, we get that competitive nature in us. You have got to be tough mentally and physically. I think New York players first don't want to be embarassed on the court. So if you don't want dudes to embarrass you, you're gonna go hard.

    • Gordon: Things just didn't happen.

    • Gordon: Nocioni is our best player.

    • Ben Gordon: I thought that I got pushed. I couldn't quite grasp the ball. I think that a foul would have been the right call.

    • Ben Gordon: We took our bumps early. Some games when you're down, you're like, 'Uh, oh,' you get nervous. I don't know about the rest of the team, but I felt like I just knew we were going to win.

    • Ben Gordon: It's frustrating, but what are you going to do? There's no doubt about it in my mind, we can turn it around. We have a great bunch of guys. We just need to continue to grind it out.

    • Ben Gordon: We had a lot of energy to start the game, but then we just leveled off. We fought all the way to the end, but just couldn't get the win.

    • Ben Gordon: I think both the team and I have a good flow going on offense the last two nights. Hopefully we can sustain it.

    • Ben Gordon: I got off to a good start. Then I got plagued by foul trouble, and it kind of busted up my rhythm.

    • Ben Gordon: Right now I'm trying to get to the level I was playing at last season when I should be at a level two times that. This year I'm struggling. So far I haven't been having the success I pretty much envisioned for myself over the summer. But I'm trying to be patient. It's all I can do. It's a long season.

    • Ben Gordon: We had mental lapses all over the place.

    • Ben Gordon: It's hard to get the ball to fall when everyone's all on you.

    • Ben Gordon: Kirk is our catalyst, offensively and defensively. When you lose Kirk, you're taking a lot of intangibles, things he brings to the game.

    • Ben Gordon: They're a little experienced at this. I don't think they need encouragement from us.

    • Ben Gordon: We're all basketball players, so we're used to wearing sneakers and being comfortable on our feet. That's the only one I didn't agree with.

  • class act

    I used to hate Ben Gordon, to be honest. But, ever since he has come to the NBA, i can do nothing but respect him. he is a team player and a class act. Not to mention he has very good skills. He plays for the Chicago Bulls and has lead them to success, even though the Bulls franchise has been terrible since jordan left. Ben Gordon is humble and wants his teamates to play better, not just himself. for these reasons, I am here to say, that Ben Gordon is an up and coming star of the NBA, and hopefully he has a great career.moreless