Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson


2/6/1980, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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  • Ben Lawson in The Deep End.
  • Ben Lawson of The Deep End.
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Ben Lawson is a Queenslander who spent most of his schooling at St. Joseph's Collage, Gregory Terrace. Ben graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Australia and portays the role of Frazer Yeats on Australian soap "Neighbours". His older brother, Josh Lawson, is also a famous Australian actor.more


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    • Ben: (on joining "Neighbours") For me, it's like a post-graduate course in acting for camera. Coming from mostly stage, the camera is formidable. I have improved exponentially in the last three months.

    • Ben: (asked if he has always wanted to act) Yes, I have. When I left high school and decided to study acting at university, I started taking it seriously - as seriously as you can take a profession that involves playing dress-ups every day!

    • Ben: (on his Sudoka puzzle addiction) Well, technically I'm an ex-Sudoku victim. I'm in recovery. I remember being in Canberra doing a play and getting three or four papers every morning!

    • Ben: I was terrified to be working on Neighbours and I did far too much work on the first few scenes, breaking down every word to understand the scene precisely. It didn't take me long to realise that you approach it differently from Shakespeare.