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Ben Mankiewicz graduated in 1989 from Tufts University with a BA in American History and in 1992 earned an MS in Print and Broadcast Journalist from Columbia University.

Ben worked for three years as a reporter and an anchor for WCSC-TV (a CBS affiliate) in Charleston, SC. During that tenure, Ben secured an exclusive interview with O.J. Simpson and broke the story on the Citadel’s plan to use Shannon Faulkner’s physical condition as an excuse to deny admission to the first woman cadet at the school.

Ben moved to Miami in 1998 to join WAMI-TV, Barry Diller’s flagship station for the USA Broadcasting Network. At WAMI, Ben served as the anchor of The Times, a daily news magazine show and the station’s highlight program. The Times was an edgy, irreverent and humorous look at the news.

Following the sale of WAMI-TV to the Spanish-language Univision network, Ben moved to Los Angeles, California, where he served as a reporter for The Best Damn Sports Show Period on Fox Sports Network.

In 2002, Ben began to co-host The Young Turks, Sirius Satellite Radio’s first original program and the first liberal radio program to air nationwide. The show presents an irreverent, smart and funny take on news, politics and pop culture with guests ranging from Ralph Nader to Mary Carey to Matt Dillon to Sam Donaldson.

In addition to currently co-hosting The Young Turks, Ben also serves as the daytime weekend host of Turner Classic Movies. The grandson of Hollywood legend Herman Mankiewicz, and the great nephew of multi-Oscar winner Joseph Mankiewicz, Ben’s hosting position on Turner Classic Movies provides viewers with information on the films that broadcast during Saturday and Sunday afternoons.