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  • He is a very subtle and intelligent actor who I think portrays characters more realistically than I've seen in a while. Ben brought a lot of depth to his role on The OC and people who overlook this in my opinion seem to have misunderstood who Ryan was.


    I first came across Ben McKenzie on The OC. It wasn't the sort of show I would normally watch, but there was something about his portrayal of the Ryan character that just really drew me in.

    The more I watched, I realized it was because he felt very real. He had this very subtle, complex way of acting that I think the average person may miss if not paying attention, but when someone does pay attention, they are very touched by his character.

    It is clear that Ben is an intelligent guy who put a lot of thought into how the character would be played.

    For those who think Ryan wasn't portrayed well, I genuinely think they missed the entire point of his character. He was portraying a kid who was abused and abandoned growing up but who had always inherently been a good person. Not a bad boy, but rather a good person who always tried to do the right thing.

    Abused kids often play the role of the adult to their peers (or it goes to the other extreme and they act as a delinquent, but Ryan was an example of a very mature kid who always tried to do right). They often have difficulty expressing their feelings or emotions. They often try to live in the context of others and hide behind everyone else hoping to remain unnoticed. They often stay quiet and at times can lose their temper all of a sudden and can appear both angry and vulnerable at the same time.

    Ben portrayed these things beautifully.

    His body language and facial expressions, especially the sideways glances (which are powerful because it shows how observant Ryan was but also how scared he was to be noticed by others and how difficult it was to trust people), his shy half smile that rarely meets his eyes--showing how he's scared to express happiness and contentment, the breathy whispery voice he used to often use when greatly upset about something, the way he often looks down at his feet and looks up again shyly, the way he wraps his arms around his torso when he's upset, the way his jaw visibly clenches and unclenches when he's angry and trying to hold back his anger, the way his eyes can often be so expressive showing how much is weighing on his mind, yet he has the ability to shut off the rest of his facial features so that his face is completely blank other than his eyes. I also love the way he slumps his shoulders visibly when he's upset, the way you can always see the sadness in his "puppy dog" like eyes, yet also the happiness and contentment during the moments he's genuinely happy. I love how passionately he makes love on the show and how gentle he is with his caresses and the kissing on the cheek and the nose and the neck, etc.

    Moreover, Ben made the character funny. His facial expressions were often the punchline to Seth or Sandy's jokes.

    Ben's acting is just so subtle and powerful in every way, and I honestly think that people who miss out on that watched a different show. It's such subtle and good acting for a character of his background. He became the character.

    Watch an interview with this guy. He is absolutely nothing like Ryan Atwood in real life.

    The people who expected him to show his emotions differently on The OC really make me feel that they don't understand kids of Ryan's background or who Ryan was supposed to be and I find some of the anti-Ben comments on here quite shallow. They clearly couldn't see good acting if it stared them in the face.

    Since The OC, I have gone on to see Ben in Junebug, where he is absolutely fantastic and shows a wide range of emotions, JGHG, and of course Southland.

    He is said to be wonderful in the theater as well and he's one of the few TV actors that I've seen that has ever gotten such incredible theater reviews.

    I think in real life, Ben seems to be a humble, intelligent, and witty guy and I wish him the best of success in his career and hope to see him in many more things to come.

  • An immediately likeable actor, his role in Southland is pivotal - somehow everything revolves around him.

    If Southland can be called a "procedural", than the procedures are in many ways affected by Ben Sherman, the character brilliantly portrayed by Benjamin McKenzie. I knew nothing of this actor when first viewing the show. I never watched, and therefore never saw him in The O.C. But I was hooked after the first episode of Southland because of the range of emotions displayed by this talented actor. I felt his frustration with his overbearing and sarcastic partner, his pity for the victims he encountered, his sadness after his first kill, and his weariness, which he wore on his face. The question we have to ask is will the job change him and make him as jaded as other characters in the series. I look forward to the next season and hope to see much more of Mr. McKenzie.
  • Has definitely come a long way since The O.C.

    Initially upon watching the pilot episode for The O.C., I was thinking to myself, they couldn't have found a better main actor? He really wasn't that good, it made me wonder who had the balls to cast him? Though slowly over the course of the series, he improved substantially, and the results of his experience of acting over the years really shows in his newest big role in Southland. Even considering those factors however, I'm not sure if he plays his roles well. Benjamin McKenzie is a good actor, but it seems like he's a bit tricky to cast. He didn't exactly play the badass teenager role as Ryan Atwood too well, though when his role evolved into a nonchalant gentleman towards the end of it, it really suited him.
  • To you haters

    Okay everybody who has something to say about him being a bad actor uses the oc as an example. First his character Ryan was someone that doesnt show feelings or anything. So it wasnt ben's fault that he acted that way.

    Secondly he has grown and you should see him in Southland. A bad thing for ben is that he gets these roles where he isnt suppose to talk much and show feelings so of course some are gonna say that he is bad and overrated and just has great looks. But Ben is more that that and I personally think we are gonna see more of him soon.
  • great performance.

    I have said this times without number you are God's gift to entertainment industry's. I have never been touched by a remarkable performance until yours. Apart from the fact that you are graciously endowed with good looks, you are a great actor. You were so passionate about your character Ryan Atwood ,acting is not just portraying a character, but allowing oneself to be deeply immerse in his or her character, that you have excellently done, it was pretty hard for me to tell if u were acting or that's was you for real. You made me understand that no matter where one is from,with determination,focus,we can make it in life.kudos to you.
  • One of my favorite actors

    Benjamin Mckenzie is one of my all time favorite actors. I saw him first on the OC and thought he was amazing. He was the only reason I watch that show. And I will forever love him for his Ryan Atwood. I honestly think that he is, by far, the best actor out of the young cast of the OC.

    I still fallow his career to this day and I love all the great reviews he's been getting for his last two movies and I'm really looking forward to see him at LAPD. I'm sure he'll do a great job.
  • He absolutely amazing...

    He absolutely amazing...

    He is absolutely fabulous. I love him so much. He started looking older these days on the OC but I still love him. It kills me that he is really old. It doesn't even show. I would give up so much to meet him. I love him so much. I should've started watching the OC earlier so that I could've seen him long before. He absolutely amazing...

    He is absolutely fabulous. I love him so much. He started looking older these days on the OC but I still love him. It kills me that he is really old. It doesn't even show. I would give up so much to meet him. I love him so much. I should've started watching the OC earlier so that I could've seen him long before.
  • Ryan was undoubtably my favourite! It does not matter where you were born,grew up, being wealthy or being poor cause no amount of money can prepare you for the valueble lessons that have to be learnt in life, but you did exacly that and more!! here's 2 U

    It is really sad that The OC has come to a end. I really enjoyed the reality of the real life drama and happenings that take place in our lives daily. All the characters were excellent and i enjoyed all the different personalities.
    Ryan was my favourite. It does not matter where you were born, grew up, being poor or being rich cause no amount of money can deal with the facts and faults that life seems to deal out for you! You've just got to take it day by day step by step and learn to be the better person at the end of the day!Without a doubt this is exactally what you did in O.C. and i am sure many will learn from your character and apply it to themselfs in their daily lives and situations facing them.

    Benjamin McKenzie(Ryan) you are without a doubt the most attractive man that i have ever laid my eyes on, with those misty dark eyes that seems to look deep into your soul!

    All the best to what it is you my be doing in the future! Hope to be seeing much more of you!

    Here's to The OC for giving us something good to watch, I truely miss watching the lot of you on my TV screen!!
  • Very Talented!!

    Benjamin McKenzie is a very talented young actor. I haven't seen him anywhere else but The OC, but as you can see on the show he is very talented when he protrays Ryan. Besides the fact that he is a good actor, Benjamin McKenzie is very handsome!! With his bad boy looks and his good boy charms Benjamin could win over any lady's heart. I give him a 10, for great talent,good looks,and making The OC one of my favorite shows to watch!! Even if The OC isn't on anymore, I still see Ben going on to much higher things. Making more hit shows or even making a hit movie. Either way I would love to see more of him!!!
  • Good Actor and on a good show

    I think he plays his charactor Ryan Atwood very well espicially as he hadnt really done any serious work before that. I like the jokes on the show about him looking like a young Russell Crowe , you can kind of see a resemblence between them. The charactor he plays is a tough kid who has had a hard life living in Chino. He gets a chance to move to Orange County when he meets his Public defendant Sandy Cohen. He befriends his son Seth (Adam Brody) and he helps Seth enjoy himself in Newport.

    Now that The O.C. has finished it will be interesting to see what he does.
  • Bryan is just so gorgeous. I watch the show because of him. I wonder if he has a girlfriend already :d.

    His acting in the soap is very good. The way he says things.. hmm... I'm just a bit sad his girlfriend in the show, Marissa, is gone. they were very good together.
    How old is Bryan?
    I wonder what he does for living besides this show wause I heard the fourth season would be the last.. It is very sad to see that such a good show comes to an end. Icantwait until season 4 is on tv, Im from belgium, here we havent already seen the season. I am extremely curious....
    I wonder how many people watch the show. Well thats it, bye bye now. Bryan, good show man!
  • Benjamin Mckenzie is talented and needs to be recognised!

    Benjamin Mckenzie is a very talented actor, he has had to play many roles in The O.C. over the past 4 years. From Chino wifebeater kid, to troublemaker in newport, to the ladies man, to the "Rich" kid, to the college kid, to the depressed kid, to the killing spree kid, to obsessed with Taylor kid. You name it and Benjamin Mckenzie has played it on The O.C.

    Benjamin mckenzie can really do selected scenes well. The scenes that he does best are as follows:

    Fighting: From the beginning he has been a very talented on screen fighter, he makes it all look so real. The cagefighting scenes in season 4 were perfected by benjamin, fighting in a show is definately one of his strongest points.

    Ladies man: Benjamin Mckenzie has been "The Player" on The O.C's set, he has been with: Theresa, marissa, Lindsay and sadie and is presently with Taylor in season 4, in the 4 years he has been in newport he has been with 5 girls. he plays the ladies man part very well and he needs to be recognsied for that.

    Well done benjamin Mckenzie and thanks for making season 4 interesting so far.
  • Nothing special

    Ben is a good actor, but I yet to have seen something exceptional. I do enjoy watching him act in The O.C., but in my opinion he could do so much better if he just really tried. No rush though.... he still has a long carrer ahead of him and I'm sure he'll find his way. He might need a little guidance and I think with all the talented adults he's working with, they should really help him out with what they all do best, acting. Anyway, For now he's just ordinary, but I see great potential in Ben he can do so much more.
  • Actor?

    Mackenzie an (good) actor?Let me laugh.I'm totally aware that the following review will not be appreciated by everyone but open your eyes he gots no talent at all.Of course he is "hot" or "handsome" or whatever but he is also one a the worts actor ever.No feelings when saying his text,always the same expression on his face a so called "tough guy" expression.Don't believe me?Allright let's take an example to illustrate,end of season 3 Marissa is dying just ignore the "Hallelujiah"of Imogen Heap,and pay attention to his play:"No,Nooo,no Marissa...."sounds ridiculous I know but perhaps by a real actor this could have done something a little bit sad.When I saw this scene I thought "Yeah,so what?" It's amazing to see so bad actors(carreful he might improve and become a big actor who knows?personnaly I doubt it)on shows that are seen by so much people and to have talented actors who just do co-stars.Is this really normal?
  • benjamin mckenzie is one of the hottest guyz on tv

    I think benjamin mckenzie is one of hte most talanted and hottest guiyz on tv rite now. he is so good in the oc and i cant wait for the new season. i startesd watching the oc cuz i saw him on a commershal and he wuz so hott i decided to watch the oc. then i saw he wuz a really good acter too and i liked the oc even more cuz i already liked it cuz he wuz so hott LOL. i really hope he gets a movie or sumthin cuz i wanna see him in one too and still on the oC!
  • Dobre

    On September 12, 1978, Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan was born. Benjamin was both born and raised in Texas. Following, his graduation from the University of Virginia where he was a Foreign Affairs and Economics major, he moved to New York to pursue his passion for acting. While in New York, he appeared off-Broadway in \"Life is a Dream\" at the Soho Rep. Additionally, he performed in numerous productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, including \"Street Scene\" and \"The Blue Bird,\" and at the University of Virginia, in \"Measure for Measure\" and \"Zoo Story\" before moving to Los Angeles where he landed a lead role in THE O.C. One of the reasons that Benjamin begain acting was because of his grandparents. Both of his grandparents did some acting when they were young. His 22-year-old brother Nate is a Yale graduate working in avant-garde theater in New York. Younger brother Zack, 19, is attending Pomona College, a half-hour away from Los Angeles, and still pondering his future. Before he bagan acting he had followed his father and grandfather\'s footsteps when he attened the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in economics and foreign relations. The reason he dropped his last name and used his middle as his last was for screen-credit purposes and it was done becasue there was already actor named Ben Schenkman registered with the Screen Actors Guild. When not working he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Benjamin recently moved and now resides to his home in Santa Monica.
  • Name: Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan Birthday: September 12, 1978 Birthplace: Austin, Texas 1978 HighSchool: Austin High, graduated 1997 College: University of Virginia, bachelor's degree 2001 Salary: $15,000 - $25,000 an e

    Benjamin McKenzie , son of Austin attorney Pete Schenkkan and poet-writer Frances Schenkkan was born and raised in Texas. He has two brothers, which are 22 (A Yale Graduate) and 19 (Attending Pomona College). Following, his graduation from the University of Virginia where he was a Foreign Affairs and Economics major, he moved to New York to pursue his passion for acting. While in New York he appeared off-Broadway in "Life is a Dream" at the Soho Rep. Additionally, he performed in numerous productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, including "Street Scene" and "The Blue Bird," and at the University of Virginia, in "Measure for Measure" and "Zoo Story" before moving to Los Angeles where he landed a lead role in THE O.C
  • Oh Yeah!

    Isn't he like the best actor, ever! He's soo cool and acts with such credibility. But like the classification said, I feel like he's riding a little on his family name. I mean McKenzie? Am I the only one that relates that to McDonald's? Everytime I watch the O.C I get soooo hungry and just have to grab a burger. Guess it's lucky the oc only screens once a week. Anyway, I think he's a mediocre actor that's has the future infront of his feet.
  • Wow, this guy is the worst actor ever, seriously stop rating him so high.

    I cant even stand to watch this guy in the OC, its like watching a monkey act, and the worst part must me that you all gave him a 10. I mean are you guys just scrolling that thing up to ten because you think he hot, its just lame to do such a thing cause he might be the worst actor in the world. If i would classify this actor i would say hes overrated, he has some actor skills but hes not worth a 9.3 or what ever. I dont know why i even care to write this review of him, maybe its because everyone of you have been to generous with your rating, i mean hes gotta have at least one bad review. BAD ACTOR, BAD!
  • Indeed!

    My oh my....

    What can I say about Ben. Certainly one of the most talented young actors I've seen lately. He's goint to knock peoples socks of letf, rith and center. He makes you believe he's Ryan Atwood.

    I've wondered how he'd be in other movies and I can hardly wait to see him in his new movie. He has a certain charisma about him. A certain wild attraction, and oh my god those arms and body are to die for.

    I can see him growing into becoming one of the best actors we'll have and will not be at all serprised when he walks away with an emmey one of these days.
  • amazing

    what can i say about this gorgeous and handsome guy , i think he is 100% talented ... i love him and the oc too , but he is ryan \"kid chino\" everybody loves him ... cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute super cute super super cute XD ok i.l.ben
  • On September 12, 1978, Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan was born. While in New York, he appeared off-Broadway in "Life is a Dream" at the Soho Rep. before moving to Los Angeles where he landed a lead role in THE O.C.

    I absolutely love ben mckenzie!He's great in the oc, so cute! When I first saw it I was like, wow! He's just perfect for the role of ryan atwood. I think he's like really talented, and I like his dry humor!
    Just two words for this guy: SO HOT!!
  • The young lead star of The O.C.

    Ben McKenzie is one of the lead teens on the O.C.- he plays Ryan Atwood, the young bad boy. I have to say that Ben is a talented actor and he deserves to go far in Hollywood. It’s good that Ben has upcoming movie roles because he’s a young talent and not just a pretty face to all the girls. His role on The O.C. is great as Marissa’s “hero”… those two have great chemistry. It seems like Ben is a great person off set as seen on The O.C. bloopers. It’s like he makes a good friend. So, I can say that Ben is talented, awesome and deserves to go far!

    Star Grade- A.
  • hotttttt

    i think he is very hottt.but he is also a great actor and i hope to see him alot more in films when the oc is over i think he is going to go far ,and he is hottttt!!!! lol he brings the show wouldnt be the same if he wasnt on there and he is hotttttttt!!!!!!!
  • Ben Mckenzie also known as Ryan atwood is one of the hottest on television right now. Drooling object. Hot Hot Hot!!!

    Hottest star on Televison !!!! HOT HOT HOT. He plays Ryan atwoood awesome and he always look awesome even when he brood :) Those eyes man! personly i love the oc and watch this show every time its on! I love It! Woooohooo. Awseome actor and damn he sholud do some modeling! Damn ! His only "foulth" is his shortness. but i dont care unless hes on Oc everytime i look :) AMAGAD! You know what i like about rich kids *punch* Nothing. And who could forget his little Thank you. when marissa said that she loved him xD (L)
  • Re-thoughts

    He's a wonderful actor, he is very good looking, but he is also getting too old for his character in OC. I have to watch more things that he is in, to actually say something else about him. I still like him in the OC though, just not his new haircut.....
  • Ben McKenzie is hot. He is a very talented actor too. I think that he is going to be very successful. He adds real life to the show.

    I think Ben McKenzie is definetly is ten. And he is so hot. His acting is very moving and he is very talented. He is one of the reasons why I love The O. C. His charcter is going through changes and he always seems to stay in trouble. I think if you haven\'t watch the O.C. you really should.
  • He absolutely amazing...

    He is absolutely fabulous. I love him so much. He started looking older these days on the OC but I still love him. It kills me that he is really old. It doesn't even show. I would give up so much to meet him. I love him so much. I should've started watching the OC earlier so that I could've seen him long before.
  • A great actor.

    He's good looking and a really great actor, his talent is obvious once you get to watch an episode or two from the O.C.
    I think he'd be suitable in movies and not just drama shows, I think he has potential and will rise to be a great star sometime soon.
  • ben mckenzie is most well known for of course, FOX's hit teen drama the o.c. he plays ryan atwood, the tough outsider from chino who moves into newport and changes the lives of all the characters in newport. he is currently filming for the anticipated thi

    ben mckenzie is a very talented actor and he plays his role of ryan atwood amazingly. it's hard to believe that the o.c. is his very first starring tv show. the chemistry between ben mckenzie and mischa barton is undeniable. although the second season of the o.c. wasn't as popular as season one, the o.c. still lives up its name as the most popular tv show between teenagers. the third season is supposed to be a lot alike with the first season, so fans can be looking forward to a great new season of the o.c and another great acting done my ben and all the other cast members!
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