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  • An immediately likeable actor, his role in Southland is pivotal - somehow everything revolves around him.

    If Southland can be called a "procedural", than the procedures are in many ways affected by Ben Sherman, the character brilliantly portrayed by Benjamin McKenzie. I knew nothing of this actor when first viewing the show. I never watched, and therefore never saw him in The O.C. But I was hooked after the first episode of Southland because of the range of emotions displayed by this talented actor. I felt his frustration with his overbearing and sarcastic partner, his pity for the victims he encountered, his sadness after his first kill, and his weariness, which he wore on his face. The question we have to ask is will the job change him and make him as jaded as other characters in the series. I look forward to the next season and hope to see much more of Mr. McKenzie.