Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie


New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Benjamin McKenzie


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17-year-old Ben, from the NSW Central Coast, proved to be a real surprise package at his audition. In fact, at face value, it's fair to say the Australian Idol judges didn't think much at all. That is until he dazzled them with his take on John Mayer's "Daughters".…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ben's favourite genre of music is Dance/Electronica.

    • Ben lists the following qualities as being important aspects to give a performer 'star quality': Being unique, Individuality, and Style.

    • Some of Ben's favorites:
      Ben's favorite movie: Ameile
      Ben's favorite TV show: Drawn Together
      Ben's favorite food: Mango
      Ben's favorite colour: Green
      Ben's favorite album: Brooke Fraser - Albertine
      Ben's favorite song: Don't Let Me Go - David Guetta v Egg

    • As at November 2007, Ben resides in Gosford in New South Wales.

    • Ben has revealed he would name his first album Wall.

    • Prior to competing in Australian Idol, Ben worked at Woolworths.

    • Ben has a strong interest in film making and enjoys making amateur horror films.

    • Ben was a shock Australian Idol evictee when he received the lowest number of votes after singing Stevie Wonder's hit, Higher Ground.

    • During Australian Idol judge Mark Holden labeled Ben "The pimply teenager" due to his acne.

  • Quotes

    • Ben: (asked for the best bit of advice he's ever received) If you fail to prepare - prepare to fail.

    • Ben: (asked what the best thing is about being on "Australian Idol") The fact that it's bloody real. It's right here and I'm part of it this time. YEW!

    • Ben: (asked which artist, dead or alive, he would most like to perform a duet) Brooke Fraser! Our voices would go so well together - and we would work so well.

    • Ben: (on why he believes "Australian Idol" is an important part of the music industry) It provides a huge opportunity for talent all around Australia - and of course, musical entertainment.

    • Ben: (after he was voted off "Australian Idol") I'm so happy with where I've come, it's been so amazing, it's great, it's so big. It's not over for me, I'm not done.

    • Ben: (on his bad skin) I've always been very conscious of my skin. The [acne] breakouts are cause by teenage hormones, stress, whatever. But now the lovely Marcia [Hines] has given me some great treatment, courtesy of her husband, Chris, who's a doctor. He and my mum spoke and he organized some stuff to wash it with - and now my skin's getting a lot better.

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